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Christie video-wall-solutions-overview


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video wall para sala de control automatizado

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Christie video-wall-solutions-overview

  1. 1. Christie Video Wall Solutions NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. MarketSite video wall – New York, NYProviding the world’s leadingdigital video wall display solutionsBroadcast Security and surveillanceEmergency operations TelecommunicationsGovernment TransportationProcess control Utilities and power
  2. 2. digital video wall display solutions Canada Post National Control Center, Ottawa, ON ATT Global Network Operations Center – Bedminster, NJ Content display and Experience you can trust management solutions Monitoring applications all require similar Our large network of dealers and integrators, Managing content and information across elements of operation – high-performance, and our vast experience working with end multiple screens with ease and flexibility 24/7 reliability and purpose-built solutions users, has given us deep understanding of the requires a high performing video wall that are versatile, easy to maintain and issues and factors involved in the development controller or video processor. Christie’s provide superior long life performance at a of effective digital display solutions for 24/7, controllers and video processors provide a low cost of operation. Christie brings more mission critical control rooms. range of solutions to best match any video than 30 years experience to the table and wall application. Our systems allow the state of the art technology, to help you Our experience has also taught us that flexibility of displaying content from various select the best solution for your mission relationships are every bit as important as the source types at extremely high resolution critical applications. technical factors. That’s why you can rely on across multiple displays. Hundreds of sources Christie to deliver solutions that make sense for may be displayed simultaneously and freely Christie was first to market a 3-chip DLP® your application and achieve your objective. managed. Sources may be analog or digital video wall solution that provides options for type, RGB or video, networked clients, or larger screen sizes using fewer projectors Display solutions applications running on the controller or First to offer an LED solution for command via the network. and control environments using ultra-high Many monitoring applications require that resolution DLP® technology with a zero maintenance design, virtually eliminating a large amount of information be displayed All of our solutions are pre-configured and cost of ownership expenses for use by many users simultaneously, and factory tested/verified to meet the exact With an unrivalled 60,000 hour LED it is critical that all information is legible input and output requirements of your illumination lifetime rating, Christie has and accurate. Most information walls are system. If a system later expands, or the proven that our 24/7 cubes have the highest comprised of an array of displays that requirements change, it is easy to make reliability in the AV industry are seamlessly tiled together. field changes and upgrades when needed. Our controllers are manufactured in-house and offer extreme capability and flexibility Christie offers a series of standard size Controller options to manage and display all the information you need to see, when and how you need stackable rear screen projection display TVC Series controllers to see it cubes in 50 67 and 72 diagonal screen , Christie Vista Spyder video processors Our solution-oriented approach allows us sizes with various resolutions and brightness. to utilize a variety of high-performance We also offer build-to-order solutions in products from Christie as well as from sizes such as 60 70 80 84 100 or custom , , , , qualified third-party suppliers configurations, to allow for the best match of Christie solutions are available in both size, resolution and brightness requirements pre-configured and custom display options for your application, rather than simply offering a set of pre-defined boxed solutions. We are your single source for video wall display products, setting industry benchmarks Display solution options for quality and reliability. Both LED and lamp-based systems . CC50 Series 50 CC67 Series 67 and , CC72 Series 72 video wall display cubes CK Series customizable video wall systems Moveable wall systems Discrete projection systems and retrofit kits Christie provides the world’s leading digital video wall display solutions 1
  3. 3. digita l v ide o wall disp lay sol utions Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Boston, MAUpgrading existing .video wall systems Innovation and technologyChristie offers a series of upgrade kits Innovation is standard practice for Christie. We were the very first to introduce and deliverand design services to facilitate field Christie Entero LED illuminated SXGA+ and WUXGA cube systems to the video wall industry.upgrading of older systems so that your We introduced Christie® MicroTiles™ – a brand new concept in LED illuminated video wallssystem can utilize the latest projection for use beyond traditional monitoring solution applications such as signage, advertising andand display technologies. Upgrading is an messaging. Christie continues to bring new technologies to the industry with a wide range ofexcellent alternative to complete video wall superior products and solutions.replacement – it can not only save on costs,but also reduce the time and disruption Christie technology Benefitinvolved with system replacement. In many High resolution and Christie standardizes on both 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® display technologycases existing cubes, structures and screens DLP® technologycan remain intact and only the projection Advanced illumination High brightness LED illumination or dual lamp Mercury-based illumination systemsengine is replaced. Upgrading also promotes Advanced cooling Entero Series offers sealed, water-filled, metal heat pipe technology with redundantreuse of existing structure and components, systems cooling fans and automatic temperature regulation for consistent, reliable operationgiving you a greener solution overall. and performanceChristie’s experience of providing upgrade High mean time Gives you confidence in long-term reliabilitysupport is unmatched in the industry. between failure (MTBF) Zero maintenance LED-based Entero Series offers 60,000 hours LED life with no consumables, designs or expected on-going maintenance Modularity with low Minimizes down time, enables easier servicing and reduces time and mean time to repair expense to service (MTTR) Exclusive KoRE™ Most capable, full-featured projection processing system with advanced color processing management to ensure accurate color space control for best display matching Automatic color and Entero Series and MicroTiles continuously monitor color and brightness in real-time brightness balancing for consistent, uniform images across the tiled array Tiling/scaling Entero Series and MicroTiles tiling/scaling function enables spanning a single input across multiple displays without use of an external video controller Picture-in-Picture Displays multiple inputs simultaneously on the same display device Low latency For real-time display of information and content Full control Controlled by remote keypad or via computer over Ethernet or serial network (RS-232) Expandability Multiple (and redundant) digital and analog inputs are standard. Expandability options for additional input sources and types. Federal Police Intelligence Center of the System and health Warnings and messages on local diagnostic displays or broadcast via Ethernet or Public Security Secretariat, Mexico monitoring RS-232 as well as email notifications Virtually seamless 1mm nominal gap between screens Viewability Multiple screen options to choose from for best off-axis viewability Front/alternate access Christie MicroTiles are only 10 deep, with front access via light-weight screen removal; for servicing moveable wall systems allow the wall to slide forward without disruption at the front of the display Environmental LED illuminated video wall systems have no consumables, hazardous gases sensitivity or chemicals 2
  4. 4. Corporate offices Worldwide officesChristie Digital Systems USA, Inc United Kingdom IndiaUSA – Cypress ph: +44 (0) 118 977 8000 ph: (080) 41468940ph: 714 236 8610 Germany SingaporeChristie Digital Systems Canada Inc. ph: +49 2161 664540 ph: +65 6877 8737Canada – Kitchenerph: 519 744 8005 France China (Shanghai) ph: +33 (0) 1 41 21 44 04 ph: +86 21 6278 7708Independent sales Spain China (Beijing)consultant offices ph: +34 91 633 9990 ph: +86 10 6561 0240 Eastern Europe and Japan (Tokyo)Italy Russian Federation ph: 81 3 3599 7481ph: +39 (0) 2 9902 1161 ph: +36 (0) 1 47 48 100 Korea (Seoul)South Africa United Arab Emirates ph: +82 2 702 1601ph: +27 (0) 317 671 347 ph: +971 (0) 4 299 7575 For the most current specification information, please visit Copyright 2011 Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. All rights reserved. All brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or tradenames of their respective holders. Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.’s management system is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Performance specifications are typical. Due to constant research, specifications are subject to change without notice. Printed in Canada on recycled paper. 2976 June 11