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Workshop unc3


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Workshop unc3

  1. 1. Workshop UNC - From DNA to Protein During the three-day workshop from UNC we were taught several terms related tocancer and some techniques used in cancer research. We learned that cancer is caused bymutated genes and proteins. Oncogenic proteins cause abnormal cell behavior and erratic cellfunction. The first experiment we did consisted of isolating our DNA using Gatorade and alcohol.The second experiment was a bit more complicated. We were given a “patient’s” genes and wehad to determine if those genes were oncogenic. To do this we used electrophoresis. Bycomparing the patient’s genes with our positive and negative controls we were able todetermine that our patient was positive for the oncogene. In the last experiment we studiedproteins. We had to conduct protein electrophoresis, unfortunately ours didn’t work and weweren’t able to come to any conclusions about whether or not our patient had an oncogenicprotein. Additional to all these workshops we were also given a short presentation on thedifferent programs offered at UNC. They told us a bit about ‘Translational Medicine’, which is aprogram that takes research that is being done and sees how it can be directly applied totreatments in the clinic.