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Workshop msu5


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Workshop msu5

  1. 1. Workshop MSU-Introduction to Neurobiology During the bridge to neuroscience we learned about the human nervous system. Thenervous system is divided into two main systems: (1) the central nervous system (consisting ofthe brain and spinal cord) (2) and the peripheral nervous system (consists of the autonomic andsomatic nervous systems). We learned several other things like: the different parts of the brain,that neurons are the basic unit of the nervous system, and how these communicate throughsynaptic transmission. For the workshop we had to several activities. We made a humanneuron; we conducted memory tests, and sensory tests (can you guess the flavor if your eyesare closed). The most memorable activities were-at least for me- were the neuron wavedetection and the brain dissection. For the neuron wave detection we cut the leg off acockroach and connected it to a board pinning it down with pins that were electrically charged.We connected the device to the iPad and we were able to see the wavelength projected by theneurons. As we dissected the brain we identified its primary parts. These things we learnedduring this workshop will be very useful to us if we ever find ourselves doing research onneurological diseases or anything regarding the nervous system.