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Guanica yunque reflexion


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Guanica yunque reflexion

  1. 1. The experience visiting Guanica and el Yunque were interesting ones. We learned a lot of things about the plants and animals that live in these habitats and the reason why they live in these conditions. We were able to conduct several tests like, measuring the moister of the ground, the altitude, the temperature, etc. We then later compared our results in a report using the data we acquired. I survived el Yunque! When hiking in el Yunque the altitude was doing funny stuff to my head. The higher we went, the dizzier I got, and the harder it was to breathe. I still made it to the top and it was worth it. The view from up there (I believe it was over three thousand feet above sea level) was beautiful. It made me think of how small we truly are. Visiting these places was great. It’s truly astonishing really; how tow completely different habitats can be found so close together, not even a hundred miles from one another. Sometimes we forget how amazing this little island can be. <br />