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Activities of daily living


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Activities of daily living

  1. 1. ActivitiesofDailyLivingRegular physical activity helps you have a healthy heart and lungs, and strong joints and muscles. When you’reactive and healthy, you’re able to do daily activities more easily, without injuring yourself. This is especially importantfor older adults who live alone and want to remain independent.Here are some of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that regular physical activity will help make easier.Basiceatingdressingbrushing hairhaving a bath or showergetting in and out of bed or a chairgoing to the bathroomwalkinggoing up and down stairsIntermediatevacuuming and doing houseworkdoing laundryusing the telephoneshoppingpreparing mealsusing transportationMore demandingopening heavy doorsreaching for something on a high shelfopening a jar that’s been closed tightlylifting a pot off the stovewalking to the storeplaying at the park with your grandchildrenswimming, dancing and other enjoyable physical activities