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Ideas on how to help our students to be more successful


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Great ideas to try out in class

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Ideas on how to help our students to be more successful

  1. 1. Ideas on how to help our students tobe more successfulWilliam Sastoque V.Centro Cultural Colombo Americano - CaliThe following paper lists 20 ideas discussed in the workshop. They point at helping studentsimprove in different areas with the guide of the teacher.Study habitsShowing interest: • Devote 5 minutes in every class for students to freely ask for help. • Establish a “big brother” system.Participation • Use turn taking cards. • Allow time for students to brainstorm before participating.Punctuality • Praise students who are always on time. • Find out reasons why students are late and think of solutions.Taking notes • Compare notes about the class with a partner. • Use paraphrasing when doing listening. Report what they hear.Using English in class • Allow students time to chit-chat in English. • Teach students how to make definitions of words.Successful students: How do they do it? William Sastoque
  2. 2. Learning strategiesReviewing • Teach students what the main parts of a review are. • Assign homework.Self-monitoring • Have clear objectives for each class. • Create a board or place for students to write their doubts and questions at the end of a lesson.Asking questions • Encourage students to always ask more from an answer. • Use Wh-word question cards in your class.Recycling • Include a vocabulary review in each lesson. • Use brainstorming with previous topics from time to time.Avoid translation • Teach compensation techniques. • Use flashcards/pictures to foster visualization techniques.Successful students: How do they do it? William Sastoque