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Definitions module 3


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A summary of vocabulary for Module 3. TEFL diploma course

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Definitions module 3

  1. 1. OHPA machine that allows users to project information on a wall using transparences.A blogIt is a regularly updated journal or newsletter in the form of a web page.IWB (Interactive WhiteBoard)An electronically enhance whiteboard, used in face to face teaching, which allows content froma computer screen to be projected into the whiteboard.PodcastA method of publishing usually audio files on the internet.A webquestA project which requires learners to use the internet recources and websites to findinformation.A wikiA series of collaborative web pages which anyone can contribute.Coursebook assessment:An out-of-class judgement as to how well anew book will perform in class.Coursebook evaluationIt is ajudgement on how well a book has performed in fact.LearnabilityA concept that deals with the fact that some structural or lexical items are easierfor students to learn than others.CoverageSome words and structures have greater coverage (scope for use) than others.SyllabusThe list of items to be learned and the grading of those items into an appropriate sequence.TEFL Diploma Course – Module 3 Willy S.
  2. 2. CurriculumIt involves the planning, implementation, evaluation, management and aministration ofeducation programs.Grammar syllabusIt is sequenced in such a way that the students gradually acquire a knowledge of structuresLexical syllabusIt is organized on the basis of vocabulary and lexis.Functional syllabusIt is based on the description of what the language is used for.Situational syllabusIt offers the possibility of selecting and sequencing different real-life situations.Task-based syllabusIt lists a series of tasks and the language tobe used in them.Multi-syllabus syllabusIt shows a combination of several other syllabuses.TEFL Diploma Course – Module 3 Willy S.