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Professional skills presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Professional skills presentation

  1. 1. Online Tutorials { A new way of learning? Kieran Fox 10335881
  2. 2. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 ElvinWong
  3. 3. Personal ProfileEasy tonavigate
  4. 4. A video library with over Automated exercises with 3000 videos in various continuous assessment topic areas. Over 125 million lessons 200,000 videos watched delivered per day.*Correct as of Feb ‘12
  5. 5. Up over a Over 4 million unique million, compared to the users per month. previous year.*Correct as of Jan ‘12
  6. 6. The Education System nowTeachers not used to their Topics covered too fastfull potential. for some, not thoroughly explained.Topics covered too slowly Teachers’ time wastedfor some, lose interest. correcting tests etc.
  7. 7. What are the advantages of Khan Academy?
  8. 8. Helping StudentsCan pause to ensure totalunderstanding. Can repeat the tutorial without embarrassment. Can carry on at own pace.
  9. 9. Helping the education systemFrees up teachers time – Lesstime correcting tests etc. Can spend the time in class providing one-to-one tutoring The set-up of the software is free and easy.
  10. 10. Vast amount of data available toteachers. This allows teachers to tweak their schedule and focus on topics that students are struggling on
  11. 11. The Next StepsKhan Academy already has plans to introduce: • Peer-to-peer tutoring. • Distribution to areas without internet access. • Math -camps. • Tutorials available in a wider variety of languages
  12. 12. TrialsThe Khan Academy is currently being trialled inseveral schools in California.Almost unanimously good feedback fromteachers, parents and students.
  13. 13. Expansion
  14. 14. Recognition• In 2009, the Khan Academy received the Microsoft Tech Award for education.• Bill Gates endorsed the learning resource, calling it ‚unbelievable‚.• In 2011, Salman Khan delivered a TED talk.
  15. 15. Financial Backing• Donations fully accepted.• $2 million from Google.• Backing from the Bill Gates Foundation• $5 million from O’Sullivan Foundation
  16. 16. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 jurvetson