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Mk smart gadgets and fieldwork


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Internet of Green Things. Using smart sensors (low cost) to

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Mk smart gadgets and fieldwork

  1. 1. MK:Smart Project “Internet of Green Things” Citizen Science and Sensing Technologies Will Woods
  2. 2. Engagement © bigvern / Flickr CC Why is the engagement important or desirable? Who is being engaged? What are they being engaged with?
  3. 3. Why engage? BSBI - Herbaria at Home • “The correct name of an organism is the quantum of biodiversity knowledge.”
  4. 4. Who is being engaged?
  5. 5.
  6. 6. • Can digital engage people with their environment? • Can sensors engage people with digital? © Keith Bowey, iSpot mentor, JET project
  7. 7. Research Questions • Value of sensor technology for STEM public engagement • Location of “vagrant” devices • Sensor fusion/collaboration of low cost devices • Traffic, load and QoS in M2M networks
  8. 8. Activities? • Monitoring health of horse-chestnut trees • Grass cutting regimes and urban wildlife • Ecosystems services of trees in urban areas (temperature/air pollution) • Watercourses and floodplains (impact) • Smarter gardening • Allergy alleviation
  9. 9. Links: Email: Twitter: @willwoods