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Future Learning Systems presentation oct 2011


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Future Learning Systems presentation to the Open University eLearning Community, presented by Will Woods in October 2011.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Future Learning Systems presentation oct 2011

  1. Future Learning SystemsWill Woods 18th October 2011
  2. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.(Alan Kay)
  3. Some Trends in e-learning• Commoditisation• Horizontal Structures• Self Learning• From Presumed Authority to Collective Credibility• Learning (and Learner!) Analytics• Move towards social, informal and personal learning• Decentralisation and „widgets‟• Open Source Education• Learning as Connectivity and Interactivity• Customising and adapting content• Greater use of complex media and richer assessment• Efficient course design using design processes
  4. For Example…
  5. The Google effect? + =
  6. Tensions• Literacy• Availability and Accessibility• Fear of being wrong• Killing creativity by introducing structure• Learner centred v Centrally controlled• Traditional HE Framework v Design for 21st c learners• Managed support v flexible study• Monetising v Open Education• Production at scale v narrowcasting and specialist• Innovative and exploratory v Economic conservatism
  7. “Visioning”• Future Learning Systems Programme (IET)• OU Learning Systems Visioning Group• Learning and Teaching Strategy Group• …and us!
  8. Constantly changing Landscape..Image: Shore by JarkkoS (flickr)
  9. Essential features of future LMS• Personalised learning plans• Integration with enterprise applications• Integration with informal and social spaces• User generated content• Usability (Web 2.0) for learners• Certification• Cloud-based delivery• …(source Expertus - survey of 144 organisations)
  10. Some of the many OU projects…
  11. E-Learning Quotes…• "The best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people and not in classrooms."• Charles Handy• "The biggest obstacle to innovation is thinking it can be done the old way."• Jim Wetherbe, Texas Tech, 1990.• "Online you get to know your students minds not just their faces."• Harasim, L et al. "The e in e-learning stands for experience."
  12. Personas
  13. Options:1. Participate in the persona workshop.2. Ask us questions3. Take the free coffee4. All of the above!