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Magazine analysis

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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Issue, date and price.Puff; “world exclusive” is what draws thereader in to this magazine. No other productoffers this world exclusive coverage, so theaudience has no choice but to buy this one.Masthead; It’s thelargest text on thecover, so the readerknows exactly whichmagazine it is.Featured articlephotograph; theimage of The Jokerdraws the reader in,being the largestthing on the page.Featured article strapline; indirectlyaddresses the reader.The cover instructsthe reader, “meet thejoker.” The texttypes/fonts link to thecharacter; they arecontextual to thefeatured film TheDark Knight (2008).Puff/plugs; much likethe cover lines below,they offer a taste ofwhat’s on offer forthe reader,advertising analternative article onspecific filmmakersrather than filmsthemselves.Cover lines; they givea taste of what’s onoffer for the reader.Barcode.The target audience is obviously movie buffs; however, it is specifically aimed at young adults(in their 20s and maybe their early 30s) and teenagers (13-19) – mainly males. This can beargued, because of the advertised films, such as The Dark Knight. There is a use of a largevariety of colours; green and purple linking to the on-cover character of The Dark Knight’s TheJoker and his messy, anarchic vibe. The tone is rather dark, linking to the film. There is a senseof mystery and ‘to be discovered’ by reading the magazine. After all, if you read on, you’regoing to “meet the Joker”.