Are you making this mistake with your marketing tactics?


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As wide open as cyberspace is nowadays, there are almost unlimited ways to connect with others.
And truthfully, aint nothing more important than maintaining your integrity, that unspoken, yet virtually heard, moral code of ethics.

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Are you making this mistake with your marketing tactics?

  1. 1. AreYou Making This Mistake WithYour Marketing Tactics? Hers’sOneway to Get it Right…As wide open as cyberspace is nowadays, there are almost unlimitedways to connect with others.And truthfully, aint nothing more important than maintaining yourintegrity, that unspoken, yet virtually heard, moral code of ethics.Make sure you get this because how you go about doing it is going tohaunt you forever if you get it wrong. People ain‟t idiots. Don‟t treatthem like commodities.So let‟s take another look at one way you can get this thing right, forfree, and accomplish your goals at the same time.Why what you say and how you say it matters more than most peoplerealize.While you‟re budgeting for advertising, looking for additional ways totell others aboutwhat you‟re doing is a non-stop process.So, to me, it‟s just common sense to use commenting – and do itpersonally – as part of your marketing strategy.There‟s a shit-load of blogs out there on plenty of topics. And, if yourun out of possibilities, search for niche blogs on google. Great placeto start.It’s what you do and how you say it that’s critical.
  2. 2. Nothing is more frustrating than to find non-relevant comments on apost. Off the bat you already know that either the person moderatingthe blog isn‟t paying attention and has their settings wide open, or a“comment bot” is making the same old comments everywhere, or theperson hired someone to speak for them.Dumb, dumb, dumb.I can understand that you want to use your time efficiently, but trustme this is not one of those times where you resort to automatedsoftware. Or hire someone to do your posting for you.It‟s human-to-human connections that build your online reputation.There is only one you.Oscar Wilde put it this way:Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.If you‟re tempted to take a shortcut, reconsider. Allowing someoneelse to comment for you sets you up to be anything but yourself. Doyou really want to come off sounding middle eastern if you‟re from thewestern hemisphere – or vice versa?I didn‟t think so.Plus, if you take this advice, you learn a ton of things you didn‟t knowan hour ago. You can learn anything online, you can be a part of acommunity, and you don‟t have to spend all day doing it.Here‟s something else to keep in mind even if it may go againstanything anyone else has told you…You don‟t have to comment only on freelance writing blogs if you‟re awriter.
  3. 3. You don‟t have to comment only on affiliate marketing blogs if you‟rean affiliate marketer.You don‟t have to comment only on golfing blogs if you‟re selling golfequipment.You can, but you can also expand!Good comments leave bread trails back to you.The only thing to always keep upper most in your mind is to makesure your comment makes sense with what you‟ve read. Put someeffort into it. Politely agree or disagree. Add insight and, mostimportantly, use your voice to add to the conversation going on.Make room in your schedule to spend time on just one or two blogstoday (and tomorrow, etc.).Very few things in life are actually free so when you come acrossexcellent free resources, and the opportunity to be a part of the whole,don‟t blow it.What’s your take? Leave your comments and opinions below!To your success,William RodriguezP.S. Share this by clicking both the „Like‟ button and the „BadAss‟button on this page.P.P.S. Leave your comments, thoughts and stories in the commentsection below.P.P.P.S. And of course – buy our blogging system here and shareyour own stories for the world to hear