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Britcom You Tube Channel


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Britcom You Tube Channel

  1. 1. I have a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a fox. 16th May 2012 BBC Worldwide Presentation to YouTube Comedy YouTube Channel proposition
  2. 2. Classic Topical Live Originated Curated
  3. 3. Simon Danker Commercial Director BBC Worldwide You will be watching… Stuart Snaith Director of Comedy BBC Worldwide Will Saunders Executive Producer BBC Comedy Lisa Rousseau Head of UK, Ireland & Pan European Television BBC
  4. 4. Why are we a great partner for you?
  5. 5. We’ve got talent
  6. 6. We’ve got partnerships
  7. 7. We’ve got the world’s biggest archive
  8. 8. 1.6m subscribers We’ve got a digital presence 23m likes 58 million uniques114 million uniques
  9. 9. Stuart Snaith Director of Comedy at BBC Worldwide Handling all content investment across all formats from TV to DVD to digital. Publishing Director: Magazines, books, exhibitions, DVD and digital. Managing Director 2entertain - BBC JV video business), Digital Innovator Launched Top Gear online in 1994, e- Bay, store in 2006, 1st UK aggregator for iTunes in 2009, launched YouTube comedy channel in 2011. Will Saunders. Executive Producer BBC Comedy (inc. Producer : Flight of the Conchords, Tim Minchin, Lee Mack, Graham Norton, Alan Carr Writer and producer: BAFTA, UK Comedy Award, Sony Award and Prix Italia winning TV shows, radio shows and websites. We’ve got experience
  10. 10. We get
  11. 11. Over 18m views on
  12. 12. Over 18m views on
  13. 13. Our Vision The very best of British comedy commissioned, curated and deliveredto you by BBC Worldwide. Uniquely positioned to access the relationships and subscribers from our other successful channels.
  14. 14. Our Vision A distinctive channel in its own right and a platform for all our partners. An important part of the future of comedyat the BBC .
  15. 15. Sourcing the best British Comedy Archive Partners You Tube BBC WW Attracting the funniest new YouTube talent. Widest network of indie partners and talent Exceptional pool of writers and talent. The most famous archive in the world.
  16. 16. Archive Partners You Tube BBC WW Creating themed shows for each
  17. 17. The face of our channel
  18. 18. 115,000 Subscribers
  19. 19. 115,000 Subscribers
  20. 20. Our answer to ----------> Why Chris? Young and new ………..Irreverent……Funny… …Loves the BBC Why Chris? young and new funny web savvy Loves the BBC
  21. 21. YouTube favourites+ Take one hot topic from the web Chris Kendall intro Fill with classic Scenes from the archive =
  22. 22. Chris Kendall Intro Interview with Stephen Merchant = Stephen picks from our archive + +
  23. 23. Chris Kendall Intro =+ + Interview with Stephen Merchant Stephen picks from our archive
  24. 24. Birth of Harper Beckham Up to the Minute Steve Jobs Vs Beatles Ricky Gervais offends everyone at the Oscars Sharp Kate & Wills Engagement Viral Talking point
  25. 25. New format for live comedy on
  26. 26. New Format Social Media Comedians love it!
  27. 27. Mr Khan
  28. 28. Mr Khan
  29. 29. AdilRay Chris KendallCardinal Burns
  30. 30. The best UK YouTube Comedy Talent Chris Kendall + =
  31. 31. Stuart Ashens Beardy Man Cyriak David Firth Harry Partridge Jazzie The Midnight Beast Misery Bear As seen on
  32. 32. Exclusively on our Channel
  33. 33. Classic Topical Live Originated Curated = = = = =
  34. 34. A Month on our channel 21 mins 15 mins 15 mins 60 mins 21 mins =+ + + + 132 mins
  35. 35. TOTAL FOLLOWERS: 24,595,653 Social magnets
  36. 36. Social magnets This is funny. RT @bbccomedy A Brief History of Emoticons: @RealDMitchell The Only Way is Wessex. Laura and Hardy, as it were: @stephenfry Horse iPad @RufusHound
  37. 37. Making the production process social Crowd testing Crowd sourcing Offline reward Creating a Comedy community Crowd sourcing
  38. 38. Marketing 5 Shows Shows designed to bring in the widest comedy audience. For purveyors of fine comedy reaching out to a broader community For Live Comedy enthusiasts For those who want to know first. For the YT core consumer M/F 55/45 Age 25-44 M/F 65/35 Age 13-34 M/F 70/30 Age 18-34 M/F 70/30 Age 13-34 M/F 65/35 Age 13-24
  39. 39. 1.6m subscribers Using our digital footprint 23m likes 58 million uniques114 million uniques
  40. 40. Making it happen Experienced Dedicated Channel Management Team Managing archive. Optimizing viewer engagement. Tactical strategies. Engaging with the community. Dedicated Social Media Team Driving traffic via BBCW global digital footprint. Using talent relationships. Social media for any new talent. Creating Apps to partner content.
  41. 41. To create compelling original content that cuts through is expensive. The ambition of this proposition exceeds the brief. This platform is important to us for the future of identifying and working with new talent. We know we will need to contribute. This is not short term profit generator, but a crucial long term partnership. Budget
  42. 42. Content Budget Cost Per Min YouTube Host £75,000 Archive Curation £125,000 £496 Urgent content £280,000 £1,555 UK Original £300,000 £1,667 Live Show £336,000 £465 Peeping Tom £50,000 £198 Editorial & Management £75,000 Channel Management & Social Media Teams £100,000 Budget Forecast £1,341,000 £846 Budget
  43. 43. The serious bit BBC worldwide Conduit and promoter of all strands of British comedy. Experienced in online comedy. Committed to innovation. Ambitious in developing and growing the genre. Unique relationships indie and talent partners. Britcom An owner of the best British comedy. Delivering content from four sources: BBC archive, BBC Worldwide, partners, Youtubers. Structured under five sub-brands: Replay, Urgent Comedy, @cufflive, Brit Originals, Peeping Tom Run by dedicated management teams. BBC Worldwide, Britcom and Youtube An unparalleled partnership providing the best comedy anywhere ever.
  44. 44. Stuart Snaith Director of Comedy BBC Worldwide M: 07718893486 Simon Danker Head of UK, Ireland and Pan European Television Sales M: 07787 575 094 Contact details Lisa Rousseau Head of UK, Ireland and Pan European Television Sales M: 07787 575 094 Will Saunders Executive Producer BBC Comedy M: 07968-983863
  45. 45. Media Centre 201 Wood Lane London W12 7TQ