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Outsider Poet Henry Wolfsburg


Published on :- Outsider Poet Henry Wolfsburg

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Outsider Poet Henry Wolfsburg

  1. 1. Outsider Poet Henry Wolfsburg Henry Wolfsburg lays down the outsider poetry at The Journal of Outsider Poetry in such a way that anyone can understand what it is like to suffer from mental illness or alienation from society. Too many huxsters out there right now trying to profiteer by calling themselves outsiders or folk artists when all they really are is label appropriators. Make no mistake, it is difficult to create with a mental illness or other disability, and it's even harder to get any recognition or sell your work. It's double hard when people who just feel like outsiders because they're angry or not satisfied with their station or place in society appropriate the term and apply it to themselves. Voices speaking out on behalf of the marginalized or ignored are hard enough to come by, but they're almost entirely drowned out when the small light that is available is being hogged by attention seekers and pretenders. It's okay to identify as outside the pantheon of the academic citadel, almost all of us do, but it's doubly vexing when you discover those claiming to be outsiders spend almost all their time inside the walls of the ivory tower enjoying the privileges of insiders. I find that hypocritical. As for me, my fate as an Outsider Poet and artist was sealed when I was diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder at age 16. I knew I was different than other people long before that, and even more importantly, they knew they were different from me. Society has a defense mechanism ingrained that causes it to be suspicious, even hostile towards people who are different in any way. I understand mental illness is only one of the ways one can be different. Sexual orientation is certainly another, and there is no shortage of hatred and condemnation to go around. But sometimes labels matter. Sometimes precision in terminology matters. Sometimes it's just not right to borrow another person's reason for suffering. The Journal of Outsider Poetry is one of the outlets for those who have these kinds of challenges, and I support the work Dr. Henry Wolfsburg does there. For more details checkout below links:
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