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Entrepreneur Business Start-up Plan from John Spencer Ellis


Published on :- You will get everything you want and need to successful start your online business as an entrepreneur working from home or while you travel. Stop any confusion. Feel confident. Reduce the time to make your business profitable. Discover how to get free resources, training, and tech for your new business. Find out the little known mistake that nearly all new entrepreneurs make and avoid it. Click over for details.

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Entrepreneur Business Start-up Plan from John Spencer Ellis

  1. 1. MENU Online Business Blueprint for Experts, Trainers, Coaches, TeachersOnline Business Blueprint for Experts, Trainers, Coaches, Teachers Se senereSe senere DelDel FREE VIDEO TRAINING: 6 PILLARS OF ULTIMATE SUCCESS & 6 PILLARS OF ENTREPRENEUR SUCCESS WORK & LIVE ANYWHERE Your Primary Email * GIVE ME ACCESS NOW! 
  3. 3. Here are some of the online businesses created by people just like you after they completed the OEE program: dog training, personal training, real estate consulting, guitar lessons, nutrition advisor, corporate trainer, PR agency, political consultant, social media manager, men’s mentor, Facebook ads specialist, home inspector, security consultant, private investigator, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, algebra teacher, English teacher, RV consultant, speech pathologist, running coach, triathlon coach, podcaster, author, blogger, media consultant Yes, it will work for you as well! Click here to Access Now TESTIMONIALS & SUCCESS STORIES “I am currently enjoying your OEE courses. I say that as plural because I feel this is worth way more than a semester of college. Thank you again and thank you for o ering ongoing access” -Monica Van Tassel  “I’m currently enrolled in Online Expert Empire. I’m really enjoying the Online Expert Empire. I had no idea that I could take my 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in health and tness and create an online business. It’s so inspiring to get my gig road mapped and launched. I can’t wait to help so many people globally, and this program will help me nally launch something bene cial to the world and to my business.”
  4. 4. -Laura Czerwin “I wanted to leave a quick testimonial for your online expert empire program. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the information. It seems like you have a vast knowledge of the industry and have collaborated with many experts and in uencers to learn from in this course. I appreciate your candidness and your reassuring manner in presenting the information. Not salsey at all…. Just solid information for the professional to expand his or her business. I look forward to working with you more in the future.” -Dave Mugavero “I’m so thankful for all the value presented in your courses, specially the Online Expert Empire. Fortunately I was able to launch my app in multiple languages and much more! I still need to watch it again (as there is so much info available). Still planing on being part of your coaching group.” -Marcella Amar “The Online Expert Empire course has been AMAZING!! I have an associate’s, bachelor’s, and a master’s degree and have been certi ed as a personal trainer for 12 years. I have never taken a course as in-depth as this has been! It’s excellent!!” -Patric H. “I am thoroughly enjoying my OEE program.  My reason for purchasing this program was my frustration as a gym employee.  I have lost over 120 lbs and have a passion and purpose to help others.   I choose the program as a birthday present to myself.   Best investment ever!   It is do tempting to rush through but take the time to absorb the information.   Every segment and module just has my brain ring with all these new ideas.   I am only on module 7 but it makes me so excited for the future of my goals and business!”  -Kathy Draper “The Online Expert Empire course has really helped me a lot. The value included in unbelievable, it covers everything I needed to know from content creation to how to best use it! With too many things on my mind as a health care provider sometimes I felt overwhelmed on what to do rst and how to do it. The course has helped me to stay focused on what really matters, build myself a timeline on what needed to be done. This course is a must. I’m so excited that I’m really looking forward to, in a near future, working with John in his coaching group!” -Marcella Amar “I’d taken John’s “Certi ed Holistic Life Coach” training and was impressed by its quality, given how many other courses I’ve taken that required greater nancial commitment. When he rst launched his “Online Expert Empire”, I was intrigued. Because of the integrity of the CHLC training program, I decided to jump into OEE next. The depth and pedagogy of the course along with the inspiring expert teachers helped me put a solid structure in place from which to build a new holistic coaching
  5. 5. practice and education consulting business. This course helped give legs to my ideas and put them into motion.” -Lisa Gale “I have just begun Online Expert Empire, listening, taking notes and pondering what is shared  in the videos. I can say it is quite satisfying and encouraging to listen to you and your guest speakers share, with sincerity,  transparency, how to think about this venture as a healthy, clean, linear process, with patient persistence. It is an education, not a get rich scheme.  Although I have just begun the second module I can say  I have already received a good return on my investment in this course. I am encouraged by your core values, the way I value people, clients,  and the foundation of any business. Kindness, honesty, ethics, giving back, considering community, generally just good value given, points many educational courses do not teach. I truly admire the encouraging of these values! It is such a wonderful surprise to hear. The multiple resources mentioned thus far are many and I am itching to dig into them.  But! As you have suggested,  I am trying to not rush into this and digest this learning process for the deep satisfaction of truly realizing all there is to take in, making wise choices, and it will be fruitful!” -La Donna Trapp “I wanted to develop some additional revenue streams.  Knowing John’s quality of programming I knew the online expert empire would be step-by-step blueprint to implement. The coaching is perfect. It is a lot of information but broken down into sections, so you focus in one part at a time. Want Amazon info? It’s on here YouTube? Got that too! Pinterest? Yep, that too! Anything you need to know to go online is here in an easy step-by-step guide. The key to success is focusing on what you do. Your niche. Why limit yourself to your local area when you can grow beyond that! If your looking for a guide on how to take things to the next level this is for you! The best part is it’s not overly technical and to the point. No one has time for endless theory.  You need 1, 2, 3… done!   Dr Phil Nicolaou  “OMG!  When Online Expert Empire was rst launched, I knew I needed this program to take my business to the next level.  It took me about a year to purchase it and I’m glad I did.  This program is so rich with content it’s by far one of the best online programs I’ve ever purchased.  I’m learning so much as I go through this course; hence, I can hardly wait to start applying what I’ve learned by creating my own on-line courses and doing on-line coaching.
  6. 6. Thanks so much John for your time, hard work and commitment to us trainers trying to create a lifestyle doing what we love while serving many more people, nding new freedom and increased revenue all at the same time.” Karen R. Gardner A LETTER FROM THE DESK OF JOHN SPENCER ELLIS: This program is for you if you want to live your passion while making great money and helping people. Your Passion Should Be Your Life – PERIOD! I bet you have one thing in your life that makes you feel 100% alive. It’s that one thing that you look forward to each day. It’s the one thing that you want to talk about. You want to share it with others, and you have enough skill and experience with this
  7. 7. topic to teach it to others. WHAT IS THIS FOR YOU? This is your one true passion. And, if you are not doing this for your career, you may not be living your life to the fullest. And, you are not YET living your passion as your life. Not to worry….. You have found your solution for happiness, personal ful llment and nancial reward. You now have the opportunity to turn your passion or your hobby into your profession with the step-by-step guidance given to you within ONLINE EXPERT EMPIRE. Click here to Access Now Going back to your current situation…. If you dread Mondays, together we can x it. If you live for the weekends instead of enjoying every day of the week, we can change that. If you are working for someone else, yet want to create your own thriving career, you now have a solution. And, if you are now ready to make your 1 true passion your career, LET’S DO THIS.
  8. 8. And…. You may be wondering how you can actually make a strong living with your passion. Good question. Here’s the answer: You can monetize anything – ANYTHING! With my step-by-step Online Expert Empire program, you will learn how to become a noted expert, build your brand and become a recognizable person on social media. You will learn how to create programs, products and services you will sell around the world 24/7/365. Yes, that is money while you sleep! Without a doubt, this complete system will give you absolutely everything you need to go from where you are to where you want to be – FAST. In fact, the Online Expert Empire is designed to guide you to start making money within 30 days. And, if that weren’t enough, I’m giving you a 60-Day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (details below) So, what do you do now?   Read on and register now! Thanks, JSE
  11. 11. ARE YOU THINKING, “WILL THIS WORK FOR MY PASSION, WHICH IS ________?” In short, the answer is 100% YES! Just as you are passionate about ______, so are thousands, and even hundreds of thousands, of other people. And, I show you how to nd them and market your services to them. Your pro table niche can be as wide-ranging as knitting, y shing, kettlebell workouts, art, interior design, karate, politics, French bulldogs, budget travel, model trains, high school baseball, co ee, supplements, golf, dancing, antiques, music, triathlons, technology, a uent lifestyles, motorcycles, water sports, and the list goes on.  I’ll show you how to become a leading expert in your niche and make money online (and o , too).
  12. 12. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS NOW ARE YOU NOW WONDERING, “BUT, THERE ARE ALREADY PEOPLE DOING _____  IN THE  ________ NICHE!” Yes, there likely are others in that niche doing something online.  And my response is GREAT!  That means a market exists.  Everyone has their own avor and angle. What if you took a completely di erent approach?  What if you were the voice of “the others” in that niche?  What if you see a huge gap in the market? And, remember, people buy people, not just products, services or ideas. In my complete training system, you are going to learn how to develop a world-class brand and build an empire.   And, by the way, I’m going to show you how to do this for pennies on the dollar.  Much is totally free.  I’m giving you all the shortcuts, hacks and tricks I’ve learned since I started online way back in 1992.
  13. 13. SO, WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE ONLINE EXPERT EMPIRE? You will be given a detailed plan to build your Online Expert Empire. You will learn at least 10 ways to generate a 6 or 7- gure income online.  You simply decide which income models interest you most, and you want to pursue rst.  You get my 25+ years of expertise, and you will also be taught by many of my colleagues, teachers, coaches and mentors who have collectively earned over $1 BILLION. Module 1 – Introduction to online entrepreneurship, success mindset & business 101: Proper mindset and daily habits needed for success, setting up your business, bank account, and fundamental business structure. You will also learn about the bene ts of operating a “for purpose” business.  Yes, this module is less glamorous, but it’s 100% critical to your overall success. And, it sets you up for overall success. You also receive 2 of my books on success and business. Approximately 3 hours of video. Module 2 – Developing Your Brand/Image:  Creating and growing your online brand is vital to your short-term and long-term success. Your brand is far more than your logo or website.  It’s more than just your photos, fonts and Facebook pro le. Your brand is all that and more.   And, most importantly, your brand is how people feel about you, and their connection to you. You will learn from my personal branding coach and my branding/in uencer photographer.  Approximately 2 hours of video.
  14. 14. Module 3 – Discovering Your Perfect Customer Avatar and Niche:  You will learn exa your perfect customer type.  And, you will learn how to nd thousands and thousands of people just like them.  These are the people who will purchase your programs, products and services (Yes…. even while you sleep).  Approximately 1 hour of video. Module 4 – Essential Equipment for Your Successful Business: You likely have much of this now.  And, the good news is that much of the simple-to-use software and apps are FREE or very, very a ordable. Other equipment is found on Amazon for as little at $7.  I’m well aware of keeping start-up and scaling costs low and a ordable.  I get it.  You will learn how to build your empire for pennies compared to essentially all other industries and business models. Approximately 1 hour of video. Module 5 – Social Media Mastery: You will be treated to high-level yet easy-to- follow social media training and discussions with my master-level team of coaches. My team of experts have made MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars with social media. And, with their help, their clients have earned a total of  around $1 Billion online.  Yes, with a “B”.  They are also responsible for some of the most viral campaigns every launched on social media.  Now they are your coaches. You will learn how to make viral content and do paid media on social. You will nish this module knowing exactly what to do on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. My team of experts teach you the art and science of each major social media platform. You will also learn my speci c Facebook Group strategy that brings in 6- gures per year with ZERO cost.  Approximately 4 hours of video. Module 6 – Video Marketing Mastery: I’m giving you the entire Video Authority training system from Chris Perilli. Chris is a video marketing genius who has worked with legends such as Tim Ferris, Wu-tang Clan and top experts in the health, tness, coaching and martial arts industries including top UFC ghters.  You will learn about pre-production, production, post-production, using XLR cameras and/or smart phones, mic set-up, lighting, editing in Screen ow, Camtasia, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. You will also learn how to add graphics and special e ects. This training is in-depth, fun, easy-to-follow, step-by-step and incredibly awesome. Approximately 9 hours of video, plus 20-page PDF manual and PDF study materials. Module 7 – Information Product & Online Course Blueprint: Imagine, you can help people all over the world, earn money 24/7/365 and increase your free time. Let the power of the Internet work for you as you sell online courses and information products. This is the video from my live full-day
  15. 15. workshop.  BONUS: You will also learn from my VP, Scott Gaines.  He’s an expert in online curriculum development and instructional design.  Approximately 8 hours of video and PDF note packs. Module 8 – Professional Speaker Training: This module is taught by Topher Morrison who is a world-class speaker trainer and keynote. You will learn the fundamentals of adding speaking to your business line-up.  And, you will learn professional speaking skills for social media, training videos, meetings and the stage. You will gain clarity and con dence so you can feel and appear on any camera as a world-class expert. This training is very helpful for your all of your social media videos as well. Approximately 3 hours of video. Module 9 – Successful Online Experts Reveal Their Secrets to You:  My students and business associates, who have earned 10s of millions of dollars online as experts, peel back the curtain and tell you exactly how they went from obscurity to making multiple 6- gures to multi-millions per year.  I feel this is where your real learning begins. Learning from other’s mistakes and triumphs is useful and powerful. Nothing is o topic, and we dive deep in these discussions.  Then, you apply what works for you. Approximately 3 hours of video. Module 10 – E-mail Marketing, Website Tra c, Podcasting and Webinars: Every successful Online Expert knows that email marketing and webinars (live and evergreen) are critical for success. And, when you master simple strategies, your results and your business will grow quickly.  And, when you learn to increase your website tra c, you will get more leads, prospects and customers. You will learn from top industry leaders.  Approximately 4 hours of video. Module 11 – Online Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Consulting: You will discover the basics and advanced techniques and systems for developing your expert empire with a wide range of coaching, mentoring, training and consulting options. You will discover how you can take your current knowledge and experience and turn it into a highly pro table coaching, consulting, training or mentoring business online, o or both.  You will also be given numerous video lessons from a wide range of coaching and training courses to improve your skills and give you a broad base of knowledge. Approximately 6 hours of video. Module 12 – Membership Sites and Re-Occurring Income Models: You will be taught by Ryan Lee. He’s a legend and icon in the online business space. We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. He gives
  16. 16. you insight into his multi-million dollar membership and re-occurring revenue models. You will learn about software, community development and marketing.  Approximately 1 hour of video. Module 13 – Ecommerce: Did you know you can have a thriving online business as an expert selling your signature products on Amazon, Walmart, Sears, eBay and more than a dozen other sites all over the world? Did you know you can set up systems so it’s almost completely automated. You will learn how to get started, and some industry insider secrets that will not only show you how to get started, but also SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of DOLLARS EACH YEAR by learning how to shop for your business and your family. World-renowned eComm expert, Larry Loik is your coach for this module. Approximately 2 hours of video. Module 14 – A liate Marketing: You will learn how to have hundreds, or thousands, of other people sell your products and services. And, you will learn how to sell other people’s products and services and earn between 50% – 70% commissions.  Yes, sometimes even higher!  You can make money with a liate marketing even before you get your website built.  Approximately 1 hour of video. Module 15 – How to Launch Your Site, Program, Product or Service: You will learn from Peter Sorensen who is “the man behind the scenes” of some of the most pro table and highest-grossing Internet launches in history (totaling over $100M).  Find out how to maximize all of your e orts when you release your products/services to the world.  Approximately 1 hour of video.
  17. 17. ARE YOU NOW WONDERING “HOW DO I TRANSITION FROM MY CURRENT JOB OR CAREER?” Great question, and I get it.  When I started online, I was still going to college and working 2 jobs.  You simply set aside time each week to build your online business according to the complete system you are given inside the Online Expert Empire.  When you have more time, you do more.  If you have a busy week, you do less.  Just make progress each week.  It will happen.  If you are already online, but haven’t yet had your big breakthrough, this system is exactly what you need.  And, remember…. your online empire is live and building your brand 24/7/365.  So, even when you are still in your “old job” you can will growing your new empire.  You will reach a tipping point were you simply let go of the past and transition.  It’s fun and exciting.
  18. 18.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS NOW HERE ARE ANSWERS TO YOUR LIKELY QUESTIONS: Q: Does this really work? A: YES, of course.  And, you need to do your part.  I’m giving you everything you need step-by-step.  If you register and do nothing, nothing will happen.  When you go through all the materials and APPLY your new knowledge, it will make perfect sense, and you will be up and running fast. You can start your online presence within days of enrolling.  Some people will be faster if they are already online in some capacity. Q: How long does it take to go through all the training? A: Each person is di erent. Remember, you want to enjoy the experience.  You will want to comprehend all the materials. And, the application of your new knowledge has to be done in steps.  Successful completion can be done in 2-4 weeks.  There is no deadline, and you maintain lifetime access to the materials.
  19. 19. Q: What if I have a question while going through all the training? A: Use the contact form inside the training room. This is for technical support of a question about your materials. Any speci c questions about the contents will be answered directly from John. Q: How much will it cost to build my empire? A: Phone (you already have one), social media (FREE), hustle (FREE), website (FREE in many cases to start).  This program is designed to get you up and running at the smallest investment possible. Some people invest more to build their business, and I know of others who operate the entire thing (and make $200k/yr) only from their iPhone.  It’s up to you.