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What i know about game of thrones

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What i know about game of thrones

  1. 1. what i know about thanks to tumblr apowerpoint
  2. 2. daenarystargaryen • is the khaleesi of the dothraki • really hardcore • wants that iron throne like burning • has dragons • absolutely does not have a gentle heart • ate some dude’s heart or something idk • was married to khaldrogo in a manner that’s now appeared as a fanfic au for every ship in existence • born during a storm • lists all her titles a lot she’s so pretty and scary •nn is ‘dany’ • had a crazy brother she took shit from until she decided to stop taking shit from anybody • WHERE ARE HER DRAGONS??? • chances are she knows that language you’re speaking
  3. 3. house targaryen • DRAGONS!!! • has lots of crazy mofosbecuz the gods flip the madness/greatness coin when they’re born and it usually lands on madness • tons brother/sister incest • inbreeding might also contribute to the craziness • FIRE CANNOT HARM THE DRAGON • lots of ‘ys’ ending names
  4. 4. the iron throne •fuckin badass • made of swords • you either get it or die trying • and everyone’s willing to die trying • because SEVEN KINGDOMS •dany’s crazy daddy/uncle had it until jaimelannister killed him • now joffery has it for some reason • and fuck joffery, man
  5. 5. house stark • only functioning family in all of the seven kingdoms • they love puppies • WINTER IS COMING • red wedding = bad
  6. 6. jon snow •ned stark’s bastard • finally had sex
  7. 7. arya stark • total badass •when death comes along, all she’s gonna say to that little bitch is ‘not today’
  8. 8. sansa stark and tyrionlannister • forcibly married •i think i ship it • was supposed to marry joffery or something but dodged that bullet • she doesn’t care • hasn’t been having fun tiems recently •joffery wants to rape her • sassy as fuck • daddy issues • bitchslapped a king but his hand is still on his wrist • likes whoring
  9. 9. joffery •satan •lil shit •cersei and jaime’s incest baby • king of the seven kingdoms for some reason • utterly loathed by literally everyone • ends up engaged to moriarty from elementary • the most hated character to ever exist
  10. 10. house lannister • always pay their debts • evil
  11. 11. this has been: what I know about thanks to my tumblr dashboard