Design is thinking made visual


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  • Welcome to Vicki’s first Assignment. This PowerPoint is based on Saul Bass’ quote “Design is thinking made visual”. To assist the viewer, I have included timed audio tracks to suit the individual slides along with written comments. So, to start. The title page was made in Photoshop and is centred around Bass’ poster “The man with the golden arm”. This was used to show that Yes, the student understands who Bass is and has portrayed this knowledge by using a version of his design, including one of his posters as well as his image.
  • An image is any graphical representation such as a drawing, painting, photograph or diagram. Images offer individuals the ability to communicate needs, desires, and even ideas without the need for spoken language.
  • Visual designs can be used to gain a greater understanding of how we view a particular problem and its possible solution. These visual representations can be in the form of many different mediums – as long as they allow the individual to clarify an issue and discover solutions.
  • Dynamic group orientated brainstorming is a process used by designers to generate alternative ideas and solutions for a specific need. The brainstorming team will offer spontaneous ideas; all of which must be included and seen as valid. These ideas can be expressed via images such as drawings and diagrams. Once these multiple ideas are generated, they are categorised and prioritised for application.
  • A safe brainstorming environment must ensure that no criticism of ideas occurs, however, ideas may be modified or combined to ensure greater understanding and relevance. Judgement of ideas occurs later in the brainstorming process – this is when ideas are evaluated, changed and improved until the group reaches a final resolution.
  • Quality brainstorming should focus on the quantity and creativity of design ideas. These ideas should be drawn from the individuals own perspective and imagination – using a plethora of mediums.
  • Ideas can be expressed by different textures and colours. These can represent various moods and meanings as well as movement, emphasis and harmony through abstract and realistic imagery.
  • Visually displaying information is closely related to the represented colour. Designs can use clean lines and aesthetically pleasing colours which can stimulate people in regards to feelings of pleasure/displeasure allowing for the designers ideas to be better articulated.
  • Images can also be used to represent ideas such as hot and cold and can suppress and stimulate our appetites.
  • Dimensions can be used to give shapes the appearance of depth that can in turn leave the users the impression of functionality.
  • Technical feasibility – having the technical skill required to achieve the end design Schedule feasibility – having the time to complete the end design Financial feasibility – having the necessary funds to brainstorm/implement and produce a prototype of the end design Operational feasibility – does the image meet the design criteria?
  • Different types of design diagrams Storyboards – outlines the flow of websites with applicable links Financial charts – shows the projected and actual costs throughout the design process Timelines/Gantt charts – these can also be both projected timings as well as actual timings.
  • Prototypes and models are used after the initial design process is completed. They can be used to work out and tweek any design flaws.
  • Design is thinking made visual

    1. 1. Design is thinking made visual
    2. 6. Draw from your own perspective and imagination
    3. 9. Some images can give the impression of movement or feelings
    4. 11. Technical, schedule, financial and operational feasibility – these are essential to good design
    5. 12. Storyboards Financial Charts Timelines/Gantt Charts Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Design Team Building Brainstorming Sketching Prototyping Modelling
    6. 13. Wii Prototype Controllers Holden Car Models Visualisations to test the possible designs before producing
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