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Embodied Leadership Workshop @ Microsoft


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Limited slides, as everyone received a workbook and was facilitated through questions therein. See related post:

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Embodied Leadership Workshop @ Microsoft

  1. 1. Make%it%Happen% Embodied Leadership Willo%O’Brien% @WilloLovesYou% Prac:cal%Tools%for%Tangible%Change%
  2. 2. Commit%to%make%your%ideal%career%happen% Who do you admire?
  3. 3. Learning Edges Opportunities for Growth
  4. 4. Listening Delegating Motivating Physical self-care Goal-oriented Flexible/adaptable Communicative Interpersonal skills Taking initiative Speaking up Confidence Being assertive Planning Organized Accepting responsibility Staying positive Passion/optimism Thinking strategically Patience Honesty & integrity Follow-through Asks for help/support Respects others Rewards/praises others Open to learning Open to change Consistent Focused Clarity Structure Accountable Compassion Collaborative Sense of humor Creativity Listening to heart/intuition Cool under pressure Decisive Courage Championing others Taking risks Trustworthy Learning(Edges(=(Opportuni2es(for(Growth(
  5. 5. Embodied Leadership How You’re Showing Up
  6. 6. When%we%lean%into%our%Learning%Edges%% F%our%opportuni:es%for%growth%–%% we’re%opening%ourselves%up%to%more%of%% what%we%want%in%our%life.% Willo%O’Brien% %@WilloLovesYou%
  7. 7. Commit%to%make%your%ideal%career%happen% Embodied Leadership •  Leaning%into%your%Learning%Edges% •  GeJng%out%of%your%comfort%zone%% •  Accep:ng%100%%Responsibility% •  Taking%the%steps%to%create%behaviors%that%lead%to%results%%
  8. 8. Commit%to%make%your%ideal%career%happen% Energy = Capacity to Work •  Physical%Energy%(Body)% •  Emo:onal%Energy%(Emo:ons)% •  Mental%Energy%(Mind)% •  Spiritual%Energy%(Spirit)%
  9. 9. Make%it%Happen% What kind of leader do YOU want to be?
  10. 10. Where do you get derailed?
  11. 11. Commit%to%make%your%ideal%career%happen% Clarifying Your Commitment
  12. 12. Make%it%Happen% Thank you! Willo%O’Brien% @WilloLovesYou%