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Mary Mother of God by Carla


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PowerPoint illustrating our Mother Mary

Published in: Spiritual
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Mary Mother of God by Carla

  1. 1. Mary mother of God
  2. 2. • Mary was the wife of Joseph. She was often called Virgin Mary and the Blessed Mary.
  3. 3. • When she was visiting her cousin Elizabeth, an angel Gabriel appeared to her and said that she was going to have a baby named Jesus.
  4. 4. • God liked Mary and she was willing to be his servant by being the mother of the saviour.
  5. 5. • Mary had Grace, Strength and obedience.
  6. 6. Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem where Marygave birth to Jesus in a stable. They where visitedby Three Wise Men.
  7. 7. We pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.