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Documentary research #7


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Documentary research #7

  1. 1. Documentary Research Will Knight
  2. 2. This Sky Sportsdocumentary entailsthe story of ChelseaFootball Club’s road tobecoming thechampions of Europe.Ahead of their defenceof the UEFA ChampionsLeague, Sky haveproduced this specialdocumentary showinghow a disunited teambecome legends.
  3. 3. ModeThe mode of this documentary is difficult tocategorise. There is no presenter or narrative figure,the storyline is followed through interview sotherefore it is not reflexive. Neither is thedocumentary participatory, poetic or expository.The only mode this documentary could becategorised as is observational because it follows astory/journey. Observational or narrative would bethe best choice of mode for a sports documentarybecause it they tend to tell a story or journey andrequire a presenter for narrative purpose.
  4. 4. InterviewThe documentary uses interviews as a narrativefor the journey to European glory. Interviews ofplayers, management and coaches describe postgame thoughts which lets the audience knowwhich game is about to be shown. Theinterviews are all filmed on the same set andreveal the people involved thoughts and feelingsto the audience.
  5. 5. DocumentariesSky Sports is a very large and popular sportsentertainment channel under the BSkyBbroadcasting company. Their documentaries arenot often shown on the main channel, SkySports 1, and are usually found on one of thethree other channels. Documentaries are alwaysabout sport and mostly will look at a historicmoment or recent accomplishment.