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Documentary research #6


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Documentary research #6

  1. 1. Documentary ResearchWill Knight
  2. 2. Ross Kemp: Extreme World isa documentary series shownon Sky1. On the show, Kemptravels around the worldtalking to people involved inillicit trades, locals who havebeen affected by violenceand hardship, and theauthorities who areattempting to combat theproblems. In each episodehe attempts to establishcontacts within the groups inorder to get close to theringleaders.
  3. 3. ModeExtreme Worlds is produced in two forms ofdocumentary mode. The first is reflexive, whereKemp can be seen in front of the camera narratingthe action or explaining a plan. This is an effectivemode for this action filled documentary because itensures the audience understand issues andimpacts of the action. The second mode thedocumentary is produced in is participatory.Throughout the series Kemp works with police orcontacts gang members for interviews which ismore than observing the situation.
  4. 4. InterviewsThe documentary often contains interviewsfrom police officers and gang members in whichRoss Kemp is seen on screen. The interviews aremostly on location as apposed to set up in astudio. The interviews in Extreme World allowthe audience to understand the impacts ofactions and the insight of those who experienceit.
  5. 5. DocumentariesSky 1 is not a renowned documentary producingchannel and is more known for childrenstelevision and soaps. Sky 1 specialises in crimedocumentaries such as Ross Kemp on Gangs,The Real NCIS, Crimes That Shook Britain andThe Trials of Amanda Knox. Recent years haveseen an increase in the amount ofdocumentaries that Sky 1 has aired and showstheir intent to mature as a broadcastingchannel.