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Documentary research #4


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Documentary research #4

  1. 1. Documentary Research Will Knight
  2. 2. A former SAS manand survival expert,Bear Gryllsadventures all overthe world to provehimself as theultimate survivor.Taking on extremesurvival situations insome of the worldsmost hostileenvironments.
  3. 3. ModeBear Grylls’ Born Survivor is produced in aparticipatory style. The host, Bear Grylls, isparticipating in a survival situation in order toeducate the viewer on survival tips on stayingalive. This mode allows the visual learning ofBear’s experience and is therefore the mosteffective mode to produce this documentary in.
  4. 4. DocumentariesThe Discovery Channel produces documentariesprimarily focused on science, technology, historyand the extreme. The channel is primarily adocumentary channel, unlike channels such asthe BBC and ITV who show a variety of content.