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Documentary research #1


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Documentary research #1

  1. 1. Documentary ResearchWill Knight
  2. 2. My Big Fat GypsyWedding is adocumentary serieslooking at the world ofRoma, Gypsies andIrish Travellers inBritain today.
  3. 3. ModeThe documentaries are produced in theexpository style as they reveal the lifestyle,habits and culture of Roma, Gypsies andIrish Travellers in Britain today. Thedocumentaries can also be categorised asobservational because the cameraman isremaining unobtrusive as the camerafollows their day to day lifestyle.
  4. 4. DocumentariesChannel 4 are known for their documentaries onsocial issues. Past documentaries have includedprogrammes such as Embarrassing Bodies, 15stone babies, One Born Every Minute and 15Kids and Counting. Despite documentaries notbeing Channel 4’s prominent content theirdocumentaries are very popular for providingcontent for a variety of ages.