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Shopper Marketing to the Connected Consumer

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Will tim-shopper presentation-12-2013

  1. 1. ERWIN PENLAND PRESENTS FOOD FOR THOUGHT SHOPPER MARKETING Tim Scholler, SVP Shopper Experience Will Lee, SVP Shopper Marketing Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Images of heretics Joan of Arc; Thomas Jefferson; Galileo; Oscar Wilde; Walt Whitman; Darwin Heretics challenge the way we think, but often they weren’t really heretics…just ahead of their time. #epfft
  3. 3. #epfft The Connected Consumer has Killed the Shopper
  4. 4. Our shopping lists have gone digital, but our behavior still lives with a foot in both the “virtual” and “real” worlds.
  5. 5. When it comes to buying, there is no singular Moment of Truth.
  6. 6. It’s a complex, multi-layered and non-linear web of interactions along the path to purchase. #epfft
  7. 7. The purpose of marketing communications is not to sell goods and services – it’s to minimize buying and consumption friction.
  8. 8. Today’s shopper marketing objective: frictionless transactions in communication and experiences. Because even typing a password is TOO MUCH WORK!
  9. 9. BRANDS Brands at the center create content for the Connected Consumer to curate. #epfft
  10. 10. BRANDS SERVICE BRANDS BRANDED EXPERIENCES 2010 COMMODITIES 1950 1900 A History Of Our Relationship To Shopping And Buying Success involves creating transformational experiences for our Connected Consumers. TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCES #epfft
  11. 11. So how do we appeal to this connected consumer and create these transformational experiences?
  12. 12. One way is to create new shopping opportunities, occasions and path-to-purchase intersects.
  13. 13. Brands are also continually removing friction from the journey – from trial to repeat customers – with “One-click,”™ auto-replenish & same day delivery. #epfft
  14. 14. eBay NOW Expectations of immediacy carry thru to the fulfillment channel – creating surprise and delight throughout the purchase experience – like eBay’s one-hour delivery service. #epfft
  15. 15. PayPal Here™ + iBeacon (SK) @ Macy’s Brands are also merging their brick and mortar presence with your most personal device – giving you a concierge wherever you go, with iBeacon and other mobile tech. #epfft
  16. 16. And bridging the physical and digital divide by leveraging social currency of demand to curate the in-store buying journey. Click 2 Brick #epfft
  17. 17. Branded Personalized + Low friction + Experiences Shopper Marketing Success
  18. 18. You don't need to be a heretic, just be willing to rethink your traditional approach.
  19. 19. Food For Thought Food For Thought is Erwin Penland's thought leadership platform.   It began six years ago with a three-day annual symposium celebrating the intersection of food, creative thinking, entrepreneurialism and social responsibility through events, discussions and of course, dining.   The fully experiential gathering is crafted to inspire dialogue and debate among prominent entrepreneurs, business leaders and creative thinkers from around the country—showcasing how creativity is paramount to success in every organization, and in fact, in life.   The platform itself has been extended into quarterly client sessions, internal agency training programs, research and marketing trend presentations. For more information: Joe Saracino Chief Marketing Officer Erwin Penland joe.saracino@erwinpenland.com Erwin Penland erwinpenland.com @erwinpenland on Twitter and Instagram facebook.com/erwinpenland Food for Thought Conference foodforthoughtconference.com Erwin Penland - Proprietary and Confidential