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Social Media And Life


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This presentation was given to Engine Co. One, an ad agency in San Francisco, and explains my philosophy on the use of social media and branding. As a note, this presentation is better viewed as a download, which can be done through the application found below the Slideshare application on my profile page.

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Social Media And Life

  1. 1. Social Media It’s Just Life William F. Jones
  2. 2. Video Sharing Message Boards Widgets RSS Feeds Photo Sharing Chat Rooms Social Media Blogs Social Networking Podcasts Micro Blogging
  3. 3. Critical Numbers 112.5 million views for the most viewed video on YouTube (January, 2009) 346 million blog readers Source: comScore March 2008 77% percentage of active Internet users who read blogs 1.3 billion Tweets to date (grew at a rate of 1,382% in Feb.) Source: Nielson Online 175 million active Facebook users 236 million Digg visitors attracted annually by 2008 Source Compete survey
  4. 4. This thing has “tipped” Now what?
  5. 5. 7 Thoughts for Social Media and Life in General 1 Teens and adults are different 2 Like-minded people tend to find each other 3 Respect people’s space 4 Be interesting and informative 5 Be confident in your true identity 6 Don’t Bull $#%^ people 7 Know where you stand
  6. 6. In Advertising speak this means…
  7. 7. User Behavior (Teens and adults are different) “For American teenagers, social network sites became a social hangout space…Teen conversations may appear completely irrational, or pointless at best…” “Adults, far more than teens, are using Facebook for its intended purpose as a social utility. For example, it is a tool for communicating with the past.” “Social media continues to be age-graded. Right now, Twitter is all the rage, but are kids using it?” -Danah Boyd at Microsoft Research Tech Fest 3/09 Understanding and monitoring user behavior will lead to more powerful and sustained engagement
  8. 8. Fragmentation and Clutter (Like-minded people tend to find each other) Much like cable television in the past 20 years, social media is becoming more fragmented and personalized. Users have an abundance of options People have the ability to match their media with their personality. Finding and LISTENING to the right communities can lead to more engaging and meaningful advertising
  9. 9. User Boundaries (Respect people’s space) Brands cannot be overly aggressive Check out how cool our brand is Like the real world, social media users are protective CLICK HERE AND SEE! of their personal space. Invading this space can kill a relationship quickly. Brands have to play it cool Desperation will be sniffed out immediately
  10. 10. Keep Content Fresh (Be interesting) In this world you need to be vibrant, engaging, and relevant. If you are not, your brand will wilt away at an insane pace Relevance and meaning does not mean elaborate exotic design or large ad $. It means dialog and interaction People just need a reason to engage with your brand
  11. 11. Brand Vulnerability (Be confident in your true identity) This is a very harsh world Be prepared for your true brand identity to be uncovered and be confident that you will be happy with the result Murphy’s Law is in always in play
  12. 12. Brand Transference (Don’t bull $#^& people) Throw tradition out the window Brand strategies do not easily shift between traditional marketing and social media Any attempt at traditional advertising in this world will most likely be ignored, if not ridiculed Think dialog, not monologue There is no time for salespeople, only interesting and engaging conversation
  13. 13. Measurement (Know where you stand) The Old School: Click-throughs, page hits, registration numbers, posts, comments These methods are superficial and do not show the full picture Web Analytics: Google trends, Omniture, WebTrends, Buzz Metrics The New School: Lithium- Use Community Health Index to measure online communities based on Liveliness, Interaction, Responsiveness, Members, Content, and Traffic Harvest Reporter Service: Social ROI analysis, trend identifiers, trend forecasts, brand perception, and user fingerprints
  14. 14. Source:
  15. 15. Who’s the best? QuickTimeª and TIFF (Uncompresse are needed to see (The in-crowd) QuickTimeª and a Zappos TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Obama CNN QuickTimeª and a Comcast TIFF (Uncompressed) decompres are needed to see this picture. QuickTimeª and a JetBlue TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Dell Burger King NPR QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. The New York Times Ford Source: Abrams Research “Social Media Survey” Feb 17, 2009
  16. 16. What do they do Established a method for engaging consumers in online conversation Instill an organizational focus on social media Establish a method for defining social media goals Create a team or committee dedicated to social media ROI Link results of social media activities to increased revenues and other financial outcomes Established a method for driving brand advocacy/customer referrals Source: eMarketer
  17. 17. Moving Forward
  18. 18. Social media is just like life…
  19. 19. "much like bringing a script to a dinner party, formal rules can’t be applied to casual conversation." -Kal Turner,
  20. 20. In the end honesty wins, so don’t be fake Interesting and outgoing people will have more friends Learn from listening You can’t learn life lessons from a book And in the end…
  21. 21. If Social Media really is like life… Then brands should be living life to the fullest
  22. 22. Thank You