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Audio Visual

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  1. 1. Communication solutions
  2. 2. • Cantata communication solution is an individual representative of Qubix Technologies, Bangalore an expert professional company from Audio Visual and Automation industry. • Acoustics & Audio Visual consultancy and integration, control system programming, Graphic User Interface design, Commissioning and maintenance of equipment are major area of work. • key role in Workspace art by Building Management System, Hi-tech Boardroom, Smart office Cabin, Meeting room, Hi-tech classroom, Auditorium AV, Nightclub, Home theatre, Control room integration, Paging system. • We always prefer Industry standards in project management. • Acoustics of any space is the most important aspect of productivity. Introduction
  3. 3. Video wall(Sahara Star Mumbai)
  4. 4. Boardroom
  5. 5. Home Theatre
  6. 6. Ballroom
  7. 7. Auditorium
  8. 8. Yacht AV and Automation
  9. 9. Automation Touch panel
  10. 10. RGB Lounge
  11. 11. Illuminated Wall & Beam
  12. 12. Acoustic Absorption Paneling
  13. 13. • Customer requirements are loyalty, Value, safety, appearance and quality of product and service which are always priority for us. • Quality : This is where it comes down to truth in advertising, we always use a top of the chain brands. • Appearance : Clean facility and smart work by best possible way of integration. • Safety : Electronic and electrical equipment always require eagle eye to avoid malfunction and damage which are maintain by us. • Value : Fair price, service and professional approach is how we work. • Loyalty : key to success for us. Business Opportunities
  14. 14. Project integration strategies Product and brand value Competitive intelligence data Review, and monitoring • Acoustics-Armstrong, Primacoustics(Canada), Anutone, Jocavi(Portugal). • Audio Using a variety of research methodologies, Cantata communication solutions uses brands which provides better result. • Video NEC, Deltadisplays, Sony • Automation Hi-end : AMX Cost effective: Raylogic Our Products and Services
  15. 15. Industry and Technology AV-IT Home AV Acoustics Signal Manage- ment Pro AV Project Design Global Data Documentation Brand intelligence Trends Consumer Products Headphones Media server Network audio player Music system Our Strengths
  16. 16. • Energy management • Facility & Comfort • Timing is everything • Health & Safety • Functionality Key Benefits of Products and Services
  17. 17. Noise… Lighting 9% Air Quality 20% 1 2 3 Factors affecting productivity in work area: • Noise 71% • Air quality 20% • Lighting 9% Noise is the #1 Inhibitor to productivity. Speech privacy and Confidentiality are obtain by appropriate acoustic treatment in work area. Speech and music enhancement is necessary in Ballroom, Boardroom, house of worship and clubhouses. Importance of Noise Reduction & Acoustics
  18. 18. • For insulation, we used specially treated derivative of cork. These agglomerated cork sheets are completely natural and have amazing anti-vibrational qualities. It has been in use, at different scales, as a sound proofing and thermal insulation material since ages. We recognize the potential of such organic materials and utilize it to provide the required results. The material is beautiful, exotic and efficient and it will certainly make a huge difference in your experience of sound in the space. Acoustic Insulation
  19. 19. Our range of absorbers utilizes various composite layers of natural materials to obtain unrivalled values of Noise Reduction and absorption. We use a backing of cork to isolate vibrations. Add to that custom made organic fibre panels on studs. This arrangement is then topped with a fibre board panel. This panel is perforated with a specific, calculated design to achieve the absorption in required frequency range. The percentage of perforations can be varied to obtain an NRC value of up to 0.9. Acoustical Absorption:
  20. 20. Diffusion is an important aspect that is often ignored in common practice. Diffusion helps to spread out sound waves better and helps prevent standing waves which result in an incomplete aural experience. In our experience, the most efficient system is the one based on the Quadratic Residue Sequence. These diffusers utilize a specifically calculated series of wells to obtain diffusion across a broader spectrum. Diffusion:
  21. 21. • Define the project – First, we’ll meet with you to define your project. • Submit a proposal – Then, we’ll submit a proposal for your requirement. • Begin the Integration – When the proposal is approved, we will assemble an experienced team to implement the plan. • Provide support – We will continue to work with you after we deliver your requirement so you get the most value out of the project. Next Steps
  22. 22. • Contact Willis Desai Application & Design Cantata Communication Solutions, Ahmedabad Mo: +91 96871 07770, +91 99860 29191 Thank you for your valuable time