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Ragan SharePoint Co

  1. 1. "Whats in it for me?" User Adoption & Employee Engagement Strategies for Enterprise Social Computing Projects(Making SharePoint Sexy) Prepared for: Ragan SharePoint Conference October 2012 Jeff Willinger & Caleb Hampton @jwillie
  2. 2. About Jeff Director of Social Computing at Rightpoint. Rightpoint is a Gold Certified and Managed Microsoft Partner with a specialization in MOSS 2010, 2013, Collaboration, Social Computing & Networking. SharePoint & mobile. Regular speaker and evangelist on the value of Social Networking, Social Media and Social Computing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Expert. I am buying YOU a beer or cocktail TODAY(and giving away books! Follow @jwillie and Tweet this: “ Listening to @jwillie rant and rave about SharePoint, social computing and employee engagement #RaganSHRPT”Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  3. 3. LIKE Jeff Director of Social Computing at Rightpoint. Rightpoint is a Gold Certified and Managed Microsoft Partner with a specialization in MOSS 2007, Collaboration & Social Networking. Regular speaker and evangelist on the value of Social Networking, Social Media and Social Computing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Expert. I am buying YOU lunch TODAY! Tweet this: “ Listening to @jwillie rant and rave about SharePoint, social computing and employee engagement #aliee ”Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  4. 4. 6.17.10 Rightpoint Overview
  5. 5. Employee Engagement starts when you are youngOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  6. 6. Session Objectives Overview: • Discuss why many enterprise social computing projects miss the mark due to lack of employee engagement and low end-user adoption. Show what is in the social sphere and what you can do outside your 4 walls. Key take-away: • Provide a framework that drives employee engagement & end-user adoption enabling organizations to realize the full benefit of their enterprise social computing return on investment.Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  7. 7. Definition Social Intranet (sō’shəl) • (ĭn’trə-nĕt’) An intranet that utilizes social technologies to enhance the every day activities and transactions necessary for employees to learn, plan and do their jobs thereby making them more engaged and productive. Increases employee engagement and user adoption if deployed properly(possibly SharePoint 2010).Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  8. 8. Intranet Employee Engagement Top 5 Best Practices Employee Recognition Integrate Social Computing Deliver Targeted Content & Enable Personalization Provide Incorporate Rich Media Rich Media (Photos/Videos) Create an Engaging User ExperienceOct 2012 Employee Engagement and Intranets
  9. 9. Myths Some of the Employee Engagement Myths • Size matters • I’m too busy • It won’t pay off • The business won’t care • Should “corporate” or marketing own this?Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  10. 10. Truths Part 1 Your old, standard intranet is one-way communication. A social intranet is two-way communication.Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  11. 11. Truths Part 2 Key Learning’s for building engagement: • Be clear on where you are different and that it’s the right fit. You must be believable and relevant. • Start somewhere and keep the message simple. • Make it “personal” to create emotional engagement with the brand. • Provide “new News” to enhance your recruiting and retention efforts. • It starts with external activities. Awards are noticed by the Team, Executives, Employees, Suppliers and Community.Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  12. 12. Portal & Collaboration Pitfalls & Best Practices 1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. • Do: Think big, but start small. 2. Don’t overcomplicate the user interface. • Do: Keep it simple (KISS). 3. Don’t assume user adoption will happen. • Do: “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t necessarily work. Ensure (1) business goals, (2) end-user goals and (3) technology goals in completely in sync.Oct 2012 Driving Employee Engagement
  13. 13. Portal & Collaboration Pitfalls & Best Practices 4. Don’t underestimate the importance of governance and alignment with your culture. • Do: Put a proper governance plan in place day 1 and align your solution with your culture. 5. Don’t “customize” when you can “configure”. • Do: Leverage out-of-the-box features whenever possible. 6. Don’t underestimate the breadth of SharePoint’s capabilities. • Do: Educate yourself on what is possible with the platformOct 2012 Driving Employee Engagement
  14. 14. Employee engagement videoOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  15. 15. Quick SurveyOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  16. 16. Quick SurveyOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  17. 17. Our Experience Not Going Excited to Adopt Adopters (33%) (33%) On the Fence (33%)Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  18. 18. Our Goal Not Going to Adopt Critical (33%) Mass: Excited Adopters (66%)Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  19. 19. Why Do Some EnterpriseSocial Computing Projects Miss The Mark?
  20. 20. Top 3 Reasons Why Some Enterprise Social Computing Projects Miss The Mark 1. Stakeholders don’t start with “Why?”. 2. End-users don’t fully understand “What’s in it for me?” 3. The user experience is not as “engaging” and “intuitive” as mainstream social media tools.Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  21. 21. A Recipe for Failure Typical enterprise social computing project: Requirements Design & Training & Testing Pilot Launch Definition Configuration DeploymentOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  22. 22. A Framework For Success
  23. 23. A Framework for Success How? What? Why?Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  24. 24. How? A Framework for Success What? Why?Why? What? How? Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  25. 25. A Framework for Success Why are we doing this? 1. Accelerate innovation 2. Improve expertise discovery Why? 3. Enhance knowledge managementOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  26. 26. A Framework for Success What’s in it for me? 1. Communicate how the solution helps me personally achieve success. What? 2. Communicate usage best practices through anecdotes and other methods. 3. Identifies the specific behavioral barriers that will prevent users from adopting the solution. ‒ Users dont want to be bothered with another system. ‒ Are users concerned about having contributions public and uncensored? ‒ Do end-users fully understand the benefits?Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  27. 27. A Framework for Success How do we make it effortless? 1. Less is more 2. Design an effective user experience How? 3. Enable intuitive features How do we deploy? • What is the ideal pilot? • How do we educate and train end users? • How do we organically manage our community?Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  28. 28. About Caleb Overall great guy, husband and father and he works at New Balance… Manages Digital applications and project teams Program management role prior to New Balance, managed Digital projects including intranets Intranet, Associate Engagement, and SharePoint advocate at New Balance Also manages ecommerce platform, teams and initiativesOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  29. 29. The Journey at New Balance | NBLinkFirst launched around 2005; built on FatWire CMSConsensus to rebuild in 2009, but with what technology? • Selected SharePoint (2007) as Enterprise collaboration / CMS platform • SharePoint was fit for several initiatives • Committed on path of building rich interactive applications as part of this processFor “social” features, did build vs. buy assessment with tools such as Newsgator.Built custom site using Silverlight and SharePoint; launched in 2010Moved to more out of the box approach with 2010 migrationCurrently looking at next iteration
  30. 30. unEngagedOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  31. 31. unEngaged part 1Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  32. 32. NBLink (2007 + Silverlight)
  33. 33. NBLink (2007 + Silverlight)
  34. 34. NBLink (2010)
  35. 35. What worked / Didn’t work | NBLinkSome support challenges with custom site in 2007.Underestimated importance of “look and feel” with move to 2010. Butout of the box approach has been maintenance-free.Consistently hear that “it’s hard to find things”; intranet I/A is achallenge, no right answer.Have not seen significant use of engagement features. Need moreengaging content and more incentive to engage.SharePoint platform overall has been extremely stable. CMS features aregood.Justification to invest in intranet is always a challenge. Need executivesupport; also need to be realistic with overall company priorities.
  36. 36. The Journey at New Balance | iNBMajor R&D initiative going back to 2008Goal was collaboration and interaction within the global R&D team in the context of the design process • Content repository • Project management tool • Ideation • Fun, social, place to hang outImplemented as custom Silverlight application, using SharePoint (2007) wherever possible
  37. 37. Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  38. 38. Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  39. 39. Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  40. 40. Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  41. 41. What worked / Didn’t work | iNBPartnership between Business and IT on feature set and complexity• Some bells and whistles increase support challenges; need to compromise on scopeA lot of browser and Mac issues with SilverlightA ton of engagement with Idea Palace; but fizzled when ideas wentnowhere• Currently thinking about how to make Idea Palace an Enterprise toolFor a project-based application, important that all aspects and membersof project are in the applicationFor both projects, finding a good long-term partner was a win!
  42. 42. Employee Engagement Roadmap: “Think BIG, Start Small” Employee Create Employee Learn, Employee Engagement Prioritize Conduct Engagement Measure, Engagement Requirements Requirements Initial Pilot Roadmap Grow Roadmap Facilitation Understand Prioritize Roadmap Pilot Rinse & Repeat• Align business goals • Determine Value • Identify metrics • Choose market • Encourage recognition• Facilitate focus groups • Determine Effort • What’s in it for me? • Choose use cases real-time.• Surface requirements • Identify incentives • Monitor activity • Promote anecdotal successes • Contests to promote participation Oct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement
  43. 43. Engagement & Productivity Roadmap “Crawl, Walk, Run”Oct 2012 Engagement & Productivity
  44. 44. thank you. stay connected: Jeff Willinger 312.622.2300 www.linkedin.com/jeffwillinger www.facebook.com/jeffwillinger www.twitter.com/jwillie www.gplus.com/jeff jwillinger@rightpoint.com Caleb Hampton caleb.hampton@newbalance.com www.linkedin.com/in/champtonOct 2012 Drive Employee Engagement