The perfect rug pad for hardwood floors


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The perfect rug pad for hardwood floors

  1. 1. How To Find The Perfect Rug Pad For Hardwood FloorsThe whole point behind a rug pad is to prolong the quality of your actual rug. Daily exposure and usagedrastically cuts short the lifespan of your rug, and the rug pad aims to avoid that. Rug pads prevent yourcarpet from moving and slipping around too much. Although rug pads can be a marvel to your rug, it willalso prove detrimental if you have hardwood floor. Expect to see marks and staining on your floor if youutilize substandard rug pad materials. The good thing is, you only have to opt for the proper rug pad forhardwood floors to make things work.How You Can Have A Smooth Buying ProcessMost rug pads are made from rubber. Theyre non-slip and they will surely hold your rug in placehowever when you use synthetic rubber or treated rubber theyve got a very nasty effect on yourhardwood floors. Usual complaints include discolorations and scarring after long term use. On the plusside, there are versions of rug pads for hard wood floors that wont cause such and here are a few ofthem:1. Rug Pads Composed of Felt and Rubber. Felt and rubber are friendly to your hardwood floors.This mixture assures your hardwood floor remains to be in pristine condition even with a rug pad. Youcan even find a rug pad for hardwood floors on the web, for instance in They calltheir wonderful creation the Premium-Lock rug pad.2. Natural Rubber as the Main Component. Synthetic rubber and hardwood floors dont just makea good combination. Go for rug pads made from natural rubber for excellent performance withoutaffecting your hardwood floors.3. Rug Pads Made of Organic Rubber and Plant-Based Oil. Rug pads from natural materials aredevoid of the issues of their synthetic counterparts. The natural substances, aside from being sturdy,
  2. 2. also hold the actual rug pretty much. If youre searching for a no-fail rug pad, this version is pretty muchit.While other factors come into play in choosing rug pads over hardwood floors, the three mentioned rugpads basically fit the perfect rug pad youre looking for.How to Set up Your Rug PadAfter you have your rug pad for hardwood floors, its time for you to learn the basics of utilizing andcaring for one. Below are a few tips that could prove beneficial to you:1. Be sure that you Clean the Hardwood Floor First. Steer clear of the frequent mistake ofemploying rug pads for the first time by giving your hardwood floor a clean, thorough mopping. Apristine hardwood floor reduces the odds of debris staying on your rug pad and leaving unattractivestains down the line.2. Learn how to Move the Rug Pad Around. Never pull at your rug pad should you want to move itaround. Low-quality rug pads may even leave unattractive stains in the hardwood floor with routinetugging and pulling. Unlatch two corners of the rug pad very first before youll move it this way and that.Using this method decreases friction since the rug pad doesnt have anything to latch on to.3. A Clean Rug Pad Is a Happy Rug Pad. Spill something funky on your rug pad, and youreguaranteed a smelly rug pad for a long time. Baking soda and white vinegar are often used to wipe offstains in and sanitize rug pads. Its vital that you clean your rug pad routinely. Frequent contact with anobject requires cleaning it on a frequent basis as well.Go to www.rugpadusa.comIf youre on the quest for that incredibly elusive rug pad for hardwood flooring, youll This site is a rug pad paradise. Youre guaranteed of getting a rug pad that you likeand is worth your money.