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Ce 4710 presentation 2


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San Francisco

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Ce 4710 presentation 2

  2. 2. SFMTASan Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  3. 3. FEATURES OF SFMTA- Established by Voter Proposition E in Nov 1999- Run MUNI and DPT- Runs 5 modes of transit (700,000 passengers boarding each day)- Jurisdiction - City and County of SF- Related Departments: TA, DPT, MUNI, Bay
  4. 4. Roles of SFMTAKey Services: Other Services:- SF international - AC transitAirport - Alameda/Oakland- Bicycle program Ferry- Carpool and - BART Vanpool - Cal. Highway- Commuting Petrol(CHP)- MUNI - Caltrain- Parking and Traffic - Golden gate transit information - Samtrans
  5. 5. GOALS OF SFMTAGoal 1: Create a safer transportation experience for everyoneGoal 2: Make transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, ride-sharing and car sharing the preferred means of travelGoal 3: Improve the environment and quality of life in SFGoal 4: Create a workplace that delivers outstanding transportation services
  6. 6. PRESENT- No Transit to navigate b/w San jose & Oakland- More transits than other areas- disproportionate and condensed
  7. 7. FUTURE- Improved transit service in Bay Area- Includes new service, extensions and re-routings- Significant improvements in Accessibility- Benefit local and region as a whole
  8. 8. SOURCE: SFMAT Policy and Governance 10-19-2012 SF,California
  9. 9. SFCTA San Francisco County Transportation Authority- Long range transportation plans for the city and county- Explores future transportation patterns- SF among nations highest transit use among commuters (> 31%)
  10. 10. SOURCE: SFCTA plan update report, JAN 2011
  11. 11. Source: SF Convention & Visitors Bureau 2010 (SFCTA)
  12. 12. Roles and Goals of Land Use agenciesLocal Planning Department Redevelopment Agency Port Commission
  13. 13. San Francisco Planning DeptGeneral PlanPreservation of historic, cultural, and economic diversity within the cityIncludes housing, commerce and industry, urban design, and open space elements
  14. 14. Area PlansPart of the General Plan; plans for specific areasOpen space plan for the central waterfront area:
  15. 15. San Francisco RedevelopmentAgencyWorked with cityInvests, receives "tax differential" to invest in other areasBeing turned over to the city
  16. 16. Port Commission7.5 miles of bay waterfrontWaterfront Land Use Plan A working, revitalized, and accessible waterfront, with excellent urban design to foster economic access, historic preservation, and a diversity of activities and people
  17. 17. Regional Land Use AgenciesAssociation of Bay Area Governments9 counties 101 cities 7 million peopleResearch Analysis Planning
  18. 18. ABAG has created scenarios projecting population and job density as a result of different approaches to development in the bay areaCore Concentration Focused Growth Outer Bay Area
  19. 19. FOCUSPriority Development Areas locally identified, infill development opportunity areas near transitPriority Conservation Areas regionally significant open spaces for which there exists a
  20. 20. Systems for Transportation Goals
  21. 21. Presidio Parkway (A)~ Emphasis on "not a freeway"~ Replace Doyle Drive Seismic Stability Aesthetics~ Timeline: Temp. roadway complete Project complete by 2015
  22. 22. Geary St. BRT Plan (B)~ Geary currently does not accommodate muti-modal system~ Separate buses from traffic Outside-only lanes Center lane, 2 medians Center lanes, opposing buses separated by single median~ Timeline: Awaiting open house/ Draft plan by 2013
  23. 23. Van Ness BRT Plan (C)~ Improve from Van Ness (at Lombard) to S. Van Ness (at Mission)~ Separate buses from traffic~ Improve stop shelters~ Pedestrian safety Reduce crossing distances Traffic signals approaching BRT~Timeline:
  24. 24. Central Subways Plan (D)1.7 mile extension of MUNI T 3rd line~ 4 new stations~ 2nd phase of SFMTA’s Third St light rail transit project~ Cleaner, faster~ Timeline: Design, right of way finalized Begin operation 2018-19
  25. 25. Transbay Transit Center (E)~ Replace old Transbay Center Old transit center out-of-date Built to accommodate older rail system, passengerdemand~ Service 8 counties, 11 systems~Timeline: Currently have old terminal demolished, temp. set up CalTrain extension underway
  26. 26. CalTrain Electrification (F)~ Convert diesel to electricity~ Faster, cleaner, quieter~Timeline: This project has recently been merged with the CalTrain rail extension aspect of the Transbay project
  27. 27. Factors contributing to the development of the transportation system• terrain• limited space• earthquakes• public outlook
  28. 28. TerrainTwin Peaks is located in the center of San Francisco city
  29. 29. • There are 44 separate hills throughout the city of San Francisco• This hilly terrain adds some difficulty to creating a transit system throughout the city• The highest is Mount Davidson which peaks at 928 ft
  30. 30. Limited Space • The city itself is a total of 271.9 sq miles • This causes a need to develop a better transit and infrastructure system in order to develop • Mission Bay is an example of redeveloping land to improve the city
  31. 31. Earthquakes• Causes damage to infrastructure and transportation systems• Frequent earthquakes• 62% chance of a 6.7 or greater earthquake by 2032• Earthquakes need to be taken into account when planning or improving transit within and around the city• Presidio Parkway is one example of increasing the seismic stability of the current transit system
  32. 32. The 1906 earthquake measured a 7.9 on the moment magnitude scale
  33. 33. Transit First Policy• The transit first policy was adopted by the city of San Francisco in 1973
  34. 34. Questions?