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Robo Insurance Advisor from the EchoSage virtual agent platform

The EchoSage platform creates customized robo advisors for you insurance company or agency

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Robo Insurance Advisor from the EchoSage virtual agent platform

  1. 1. Agent’s Value to Customer An Independent Agent’s greatest values are providing… Customer Advocacy Choice of Products Professional Advice
  2. 2. Failure of Online Insurance 71% of Online Shoppers get a Quote* 4% of Buyers Buy Online** Relationships and Advice are the Missing Link * Releases-2014-US-Online-Auto-Insurance-Shopping-Report ** From March 2016 Forrester Webinar
  3. 3. Guided Conversations Take the most common conversations you have in your business Write them down EchoSage uses your document to create an interactive, online version of each conversation
  4. 4. Engineered Knowledge Your digital conversation is built on… Your Knowledge Your Personality Your Advice Your Know How
  5. 5. The Conversation Before the Sale Online Insurance shopping behavior differs from buying behavior Insurance is a complex product Buyers want advice
  6. 6. What Limits of Liability Should I Buy
  7. 7. The Conversation You Would Have Face to Face
  8. 8. Responses Guide Conversation
  9. 9. Questions Lead to Understanding
  10. 10. Information Provided is Consistent
  11. 11. The Advice is Personalized
  12. 12. The Advice is Actionable
  13. 13. Deliver Automated Expertise Think beyond online comparison rating Think about the complete sales cycle Establish relationships Provide Value Create Trust
  14. 14. EchoSage Platform – Graphical Tool
  15. 15. Build Your Own….or…
  16. 16. Buy from EchoSage Market Coverage Experts can Sell Their Own Conversation Templates Programmers can Sell Their Ability to Program with EchoSage Tool
  17. 17. Other Uses – Automated Renewal Reviews Provide Better Service Strengthen Relationships Increase Retention Create Up Sells E&O Protection Personalized Attention
  18. 18. Frequently Answered Questions Give your customers the same answer they would get if they spoke to you or your staff in person Train New Staff Capture Knowledge from Retiring Generation of Workers
  19. 19. Clone Your Best CSR You have trained your staff to provide service It is time you had a new relationship with your computer Train your software to perform many of the same common tasks
  20. 20. EchoSage EchoSage is a platform for teaching software your knowledge. EchoSage enables value exchanging interactions between knowledge experts and knowledge users. The EchoSage Platform facilitates value creation by platform users. Contact: Duke Williams 800-768-0907