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Uncharted Territory - TINCUP - ILSHRM


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Uncharted Territory - TINCUP - ILSHRM

  1. 1. Uncharted Territory: Exploring the Dilemmas of Social Media William Tincup, SPHR
  2. 2. Scenario 1 Jamie the receptionist takes a photo of her, ahem, top half, and inadvertently sends (via text message) the explicit photo to the entire office NOT to her boyfriend of 2 years.
  3. 3. Scenario 2 Your outsourced payroll provider has accidently released your payroll data to the Interweb. Accident, corporate espionage, security leak – dunno. Your payroll data can now easily be found via Google search. Someone and we don't know who has created a hashtag (read: #yourcompanypay) in Twitter and releases the names and associated pay for every single employee. The data is now public domain.
  4. 4. Scenario 3 You've recently had some layoffs. All departments were hit. You lost three people in marketing - all three of which were field marketing / remote positions. After the layoffs, your entire marketing team created LinkedIn recommendations of all three candidates. They talk openly about the layoff and how the terminations were NOT performance based, etc.
  5. 5. Scenario 4 A disgruntled employee videotapes the CEO, Jayne, practicing a webinar presentation. The CEO is tired and the practice session doesn't go well... she curses a lot and makes a complete mess of the session. The disgruntled employee edits the video to highlight all the curse words and ahems, uh hums, yeahs, etc and she generally looks terrible. So does your company. The disgruntled employee uploads the video to YouTube. It becomes a viral sensation. 5M people watch the video in one day.
  6. 6. Scenario 5 One of corporate values is transparency. Recently, your IT department has blocked Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Smartphone usage at work rockets, workforce performance and morale plummet.
  7. 7. Scenario 6 An ex-employee outs his homosexual boss via Twitter. This former employee has a huge following (read: 40,000 people) so everyone is now going to know that Joel is indeed gay. Joel is a top performer and has never participated in work gossip. He keeps his private life private but now everyone at your company will know his business.
  8. 8. Scenario 7 One of your corporate recruiters, Robert, uses the corporate Facebook account at add college "friends" - predominantly - hot, young, single, female “friends” - to your network so he can review photos (read: stalk) candidates he'd like to interview.
  9. 9. Scenario 8 You are recruiting a new VP of Operations. One of your recruiters, Shelley, looked the candidate up via Twitter and found heated customer service tweets between the candidate and Verizon over billing issues. In some instances the candidate uses profanity.
  10. 10. Scenario 9 Your most recent wellness initiative - 10% in 10 Weeks - has leaked to the web. One of your employees, Jerry in IT, has created a Facebook fan page and a personal blog so that he can document / highlight his struggles with weight loss.
  11. 11. Scenario 10 Your VP of Marketing, Bethany, is connected to everyone in at your company. An avid social media person - she's constantly connected. Recently she joined and is now promoting a pro-choice group on Facebook.
  12. 12. Scenario 11 A regional sales manager, Dan, posts semi-sexual language on coworker’s photos via Facebook. Think: "damn you look hot". Dan has been happily married for 30 years. He’s a prankster with a dry sense of humor. Think of the most sarcastic person you know… and that’s Dan.
  13. 13. Scenario 12 One of your remote employees, James in tech support, has linked his Facebook and Foursquare accounts. He's status has him checking in via Foursquare at Bally's Fitness an average of three times per day usually during working hours (8 am, 12 pm and 6 pm). James has always received top marks during his performance reviews.
  14. 14. Scenario 13 Years ago you created a LinkedIn Group for your customers. People are vetted and only current clients and current employees have access to the group. Recently, some of your clients are openly discussing pricing, contract information and/or SLA information.
  15. 15. Scenario 14 You are conducting some research regarding succession readiness for your department. In particular, your position. You've identified two potential top performers that could be considered when you retire. They are equal is almost every way with the one exception - one candidate has a disproportionately larger social network than the other.
  16. 16. Scenario 15 One of your vendors post on your Facebook wall that they sure wish you paid your bills on time. Kind of a joke but every one that is a fan of your company can see the remarks.
  17. 17. Scenario 16 One of your longest tenured employees, Robert in maintenance, has created a Twitter list of all attractive female company employees. The Twitter list is called #yourcompanyhotthangs. This list is being followed by most if not all of your male employees AND folks outside of your organization.
  18. 18. Scenario 17 One of the employees in the finance department, Stanley, scans his most recent performance review and posts to his personal Facebook account. The review is high marks – exceptionally high marks actually. He's excited about his review and wants to share with his friends and family.
  19. 19. Scenario 18 A disgruntled client creates a Twitter hashtag (#yourcompanysucks). At first it was just one or two "crazy" people. Now the hashtag is gaining some momentum and is trending pretty high on daily basis. The local Fox news team is running a story on reputation management and wants your team to comment on the hashtag usage.
  20. 20. Feedback & Thank You William Tincup, SPHR Tincup & Co. Email = Website = Mobile = 469-371-7050 LinkedIn = Twitter = Facebook = Skype = williamtincup