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Thrusting - Tincup - Webinar


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Thrusting - Tincup - Webinar

  1. 1. #HRTF16 William Tincup @williamtincup Technology is Thrusting HR into a Leadership Role – Finally!
  2. 2. “The ground beneath our feet is shifting and we’re too busy arguing to notice.” (Me) Main Message #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 2
  3. 3. Moore’s Law Diffusion of Innovation Theory Pause Expectations Are Changing Data Process Reporting Apps Software Hiring Work Q&A / Thank You Agenda #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 3
  4. 4. "Moore's law" is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years. (Wikipedia) Moore’s Law #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 4
  5. 5. Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory, developed by E.M. Rogers in 1962, is one of the oldest social science theories. It originated in communication to explain how, over time, an idea or product gains momentum and diffuses (or spreads) through a specific population or social system. (Wikipedia) Diffusion of Innovation Theory #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 5
  6. 6. Given the past 2 slides… Where is HR? Where are our external peers? Where are our internal peers? Pause #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 6
  7. 7. Data Process Reporting AppsSoftware Hiring Work Expectations Are Changing #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 7
  8. 8. Old Expectation Disparate was okay. New Expectation HR data has to be connected to everything in HR. HR data has to be connected to other silos, finance, sales, customer data, etc. HR data has to interact with 3rd party data. Read that as outside the organization. Pro Tip Hire a data nerd. Quickly. Data #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 8
  9. 9. Process #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 9 Old Expectation Rigid. Once built, rarely go back and re-think. New Expectation Agile, flexible and always looking for refinement. “If we weren’t already doing it this way, how would we do it” should be asked quarterly of all HR processes. Process eats software for breakfast. Pro Tip Work with vendors to stress test your processes.
  10. 10. Reporting #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 10 Old Expectation Took time, money and energy to create average reports. New Expectation Should be at your… as well as others in your organization’s fingertips. Running reports shouldn’t be hard. Drawing conclusions shouldn’t be hard. Pro Tip Pulse survey the rest of the C-Suite to make sure your reporting meets their (changing) expectations.
  11. 11. Apps #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 11 Old Expectation That you could control the tech your employees used. New Expectation Rogue adoption is happening and you can’t do anything about it. See Yammer See Slack Pro Tip Don’t be defensive. Be curious. Find out what’s working and what isn’t.
  12. 12. Software #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 12 Old Expectation A place to put stuff. Barely. New Expectation The database has to… has to tell me something I didn’t know. Predictive? Well, at the very least, not another dumb database. Pro Tip When purchasing, talk with folks like you before you buy. You can’t afford a miss.
  13. 13. Hiring #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 13 Old Expectation Hire HR people like you. Similar skills, pedigree, training, trajectory, etc. New Expectation Hire different than you… like way different. Background in statistics Can code Excellent math skills Isn’t afraid of Excel It’s okay if they don’t know HR. Really. Pro Tip Have them show you how, have them train internally.
  14. 14. Work #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 14 Old Expectation FTE / PTE world New Expectation How do you access the best talent at the right time? Think JIT for talent Freelance Offsite Offshore Pro Tip If interacting with this type of talent makes you nervous, chances are, you’re on the right path.
  15. 15. Q&A Thank You #HRTF16 | HR Tech Fest 2016 | 15
  16. 16. SAP-Centric EAM 2015 | 16 How to Contact Me William Tincup, SPHR, SHRM SCP Email = Mobile = 469-371-7050 Twitter = @williamtincup Instagram = @williamtincup LinkedIn = Facebook = Skype = williamtincup