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The ROI of Enhancing Your Candidate Experience


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The ROI of Enhancing Your Candidate Experience

  1. 1. The ROI of Enhancing Your Candidate Experience
  2. 2. Agenda The Candidate Experience Awards Let’s Go Grocery Shopping Your Candidate Experience The Two Rules Of Sales Why FedEx Matters Selling Internally How Candidates Review Gigs Parting Words The Thing About ROI Q&A
  3. 3. The Candidate Experience Awards
  4. 4. The Candidate Experience Awards Talent Board Please Get To Know Gerry Crispin || @GerryCrispin Elaine Orler || @elaineorler Ed Newman || @newmaed Kevin W. Grossman || @KevinWGrossman Twitter Hashtag || #TheCandEs
  5. 5. Let’s Go Grocery Shopping
  6. 6. The Parking Lot
  7. 7. Getting A Basket
  8. 8. The Produce Department
  9. 9. The Bakery
  10. 10. Meat Market
  11. 11. The Deli
  12. 12. Milk & Eggs
  13. 13. Pharmacy
  14. 14. The Aisles In Between
  15. 15. The Check Out
  16. 16. Customer Service
  17. 17. Unpacking Your Groceries At Home
  18. 18. The Candidate Experience Awards
  19. 19. Your Candidate Experience How Would You Rate Your Experience? Would You Recommend To A Friend? The New Candidate Experience Engaging All The Senses Procession And Expectations Consumable Communications TOTAL Transparency Have You Applied To One Of Your Jobs?
  20. 20. The Two Rules Of Sales
  21. 21. The Two Rules of Sales Complete Honesty I Want To Sell To You FOREVER
  22. 22. Why FedEx Matters
  23. 23. Why FedEx Matters
  24. 24. Selling Internally
  25. 25. Selling Internally Experience, Procession, Communications, Etc. How Do We Treat Prospects? How Do We Treat Customers? How Do We Treat Employees? How Do We Treat Partners? Why Wouldn't We Apply The Same Rigor To Our Candidate Experience. Before They Answer...
  26. 26. How Candidates Review Gigs
  27. 27. How Candidates Review Gigs They Google The Company They Glassdoor The Company And CEO Within Linkedin They Reach Out To Former Employees That's Before They Apply
  28. 28. Parting Words
  29. 29. Parting Words Let's Not Think Of This A "Nice To Have" Initiative. It's Simple, Candidates Expect Better Treatment Today. Especially Top Talent. If You Really Want To Attract Them, The Investment In The Experience Is The Minimum. To Dazzle Them Takes Much Much More.
  30. 30. The Thing About ROI
  31. 31. The Thing About ROI Are You Looking For A Number? Are You Looking For A Magic Bullet? Are You Looking For An Elixir That Solves All Of Your Problems? Stop. Multi-variable / Fuzzy Math Ahead.
  32. 32. Q&A
  33. 33. Thank You William Tincup, SPHR, SHRM SCP Tincup & Co. Email = Mobile = 469-371-7050 Twitter = @williamtincup Instagram = @williamtincup LinkedIn = Facebook = Skype = williamtincup