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The Candidate Journey and What Affects the Decision to Apply


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The Candidate Journey and What Affects the Decision to Apply

  1. 1. + The Candidate Journey & What Affects the Decision to Apply
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Connecting to Audio • Audio Broadcast • Dial-In: Details can be found in WebEx under “Quick Start” • Technical Difficulties with WebEx? • Call WebEx Support at 1-866-229-3239 • Live Q&A • Submit your questions throughout the webinar in the Q&A panel • #CEJourney #CEJourney
  3. 3. Intro to Speakers Derina Adamczak CH2M @DerinaAd William Tincup Key Interval Research @WilliamTincup Marvin Smith Lockheed Martin @talentcommunity #CEJourney
  4. 4. This Webinar Is Sponsored By: + #CEJourney
  5. 5. Journey #CEJourney
  6. 6. Question: In this age of transparency how are your organizations better supporting candidates in their journey? #CEJourney
  7. 7. Desires #CEJourney
  8. 8. Question: What do you do to tell the Lockheed Martin and CH2M story and provide a realistic look to what it’s like to work there? #CEJourney
  9. 9. Reputation #CEJourney
  10. 10. Question: How do we actively shape our employer brand and reputation online? Especially on sites like Glassdoor? #CEJourney
  11. 11. Relationship #CEJourney
  12. 12. Question: What do you do to provide candidates with options in connecting with you? And how do you keep them engaged? #CEJourney
  13. 13. Expectations #CEJourney
  14. 14. Question: How do we set the right expectations with candidates? #CEJourney
  15. 15. Life-Cycle #CEJourney
  16. 16. Question: How do we create candidates for life? #CEJourney
  17. 17. Success #CEJourney
  18. 18. Question: How Do You Know You’re Doing Well? #CEJourney
  19. 19. + QUESTIONS?