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Project Team Health Presentation


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Project Team Health Presentation

  1. 1. Project Team Health Business and Risk SolutionsKym Williams Results through Experience
  2. 2. Today’s PresenterKym Williams is a previous General Manager in theInfrastructure industry and Manager in Local Government attwo large SA Councils. Relationship Contracting Culture, Leadership & Team Development Commercial Training Strategic & Project Commercial Advice Risk Management & Internal Audit Contract & Tender Support Local Government & Infrastructure Results through Experience
  3. 3. Project Team Health Getting the appropriate balanced between people and task is one of the great challenges on projects and in organisations. Being able to measure how effectively your team is engaged is important in ensuring that they are focussed on the right outcomes as well as being able to effectively collaborate with their peers. This session will provide an understanding on how to measure project and organisational health using simple diagnostic and reporting tools. It will also highlight the most effective ways to report these organisationally and within projects to achieve meaningful change and improvement. Results through Experience
  4. 4. Client objectives…. the link….3. To utilise a combination of local and international expertise and best practice to manage risks and achieve the optimal outcome5. To establish and maintain a highly effective collaborative working arrangement between client, the Other Project Participants and key stakeholders8. Very collaborative interfaces with others doing work in the area, on either end and on the local authority networks maintaining current levels of service as far as practical on the network Results through Experience
  5. 5. Purpose of Diagnostics Identify silo behaviours in an evidence based manner and address these Focus on team behaviours and how we continue to leverage these across the project Receive timely feedback at all levels of the project Evidenced based approach to a critical key measure on a project Demonstrate the journey and provide feedback at a point in time Results through Experience
  6. 6. Examples - Actions from Diagnostics Ineffective meetings – meeting pack developed Lack of collaboration – facilitation pack for managers and additional workshops conducted Lack of role clarity – role description, visual project organisation charts, morning tea item on new starters Lack of Vision and Understanding around why we were here – winning bid strategy developed, Project Charter documented and communicated Lack of visibility of Programme – Top 10 deliverables list developed and communicated and programme made visible Results through Experience
  7. 7. Link to High Performance Plan Plan is broken into one project team practices that identify team health measures for successful delivery of the project Actions have been identified to take in to account different stages of a project and feedback from diagnostics Allows us to anticipate challenges and areas to focus on Benchmark is not always relevant – greater performance through improvement and challenging our status quo is the goal over time Diagnostics are our barometer as to whether we are on track – but with some science! Results through Experience
  8. 8. Link to Individual Coaching Partnering workshop provided individual reports to Management team Mirrors the ideal project team practices and assesses their performance (self assessment and peer feedback) Areas to develop are then aligned to ideal project team behaviours Focus is on improvement through coaching sessions Shadow of the leader – 5% improvement in leaders behaviour mirrors in overall project performance Results through Experience
  9. 9. Project Team Surveys and Reports BRS are able to provide and administer simple diagnostic and reporting tools to report back on project team health. Surveys and reports can be completed for:  JV Board and Project Governance Level  Management Team  Project Team  Individual Leaders on a project Results through Experience
  10. 10. Project Team Sample Survey Link A link will be sent to members of the Project Team that have been selected to complete the survey Results through Experience
  11. 11. Project Team Sample Survey Questions Results through Experience
  12. 12. Project Team Sample Report Results through Experience
  13. 13. Project Team Sample Report Results through Experience
  14. 14. Project Team Sample Report Results through Experience
  15. 15. Project Team Sample Report Results through Experience
  16. 16. Thankyou Example Surveys and Reports can be provided upon request  JV Board and Governance  Management Team  Project Team  Individual Leaders on a project For more information, please visit Results through Experience