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Time-Bound Customer Service CommunicationCustomer engagement can be a key differentiator for companies, particularly small...
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Time bound customer service communication


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Time bound customer service communication

  1. 1. Time-Bound Customer Service CommunicationCustomer engagement can be a key differentiator for companies, particularly small-medium sized businesses for whom “personalized service” helps to lure customers awayfrom the bigger fish. But companies must have a smart strategy in place for engaging withcustomers. Inefficient communication tactics bleed resources. It is important to implementa customer communication strategy that is both time-bound and keeps customers happy inthe long run.First, determine whom customer communication channels affect. Often businesses viewcustomer service as a standalone role, but that is rarely the case. Customer communicationprocesses affect developers, sales staff and even designers. So, take the time to reviewrecorded employee activities to get an accurate view into which staff members will beaffected by customer communication activities.You should also consider how much time needs to be spent on direct communications eachday. In terms of customer service, many businesses feature “always on” communicationavenues, but this is not always the most efficient means of cataloguing and addressingcustomer issues. For instance, if you have only a few customer service representatives, or ifother employees have a dual customer service role, then boasting immediate, direct accesswill quickly result in a buildup of complaints. It is far better to implement an organizedsystem for addressing customer complaints. Perhaps the primary communication channelshould be email or web-forms that allow you to prioritize or even batch similar problemstogether to service multiple complaints at once.Finally, and regardless of which strategy you choose, customers need to be assured thattheir voices are heard. Even if you simply schedule time at the end of the day to sendresponse emails, there should be some level of customer acknowledgement. The key isorder, not ignorance, so be sure that your well-organized backlog doesn’t become a pileup.You can also treat many customer issues as projects in their own right, and track employeetime and resources to specific complaints (and customers) to determine how much timeeach customer is costing you.In the end, communication should always be a priority for businesses that want to keepcustomers happy. That being said, you need to communicate on your terms both for thesake of your company and to ensure customer needs are addressed in the most efficientmanner possible.Reference Link: