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Take the initiative


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Take the initiative

  1. 1. TAKE THE INITIATIVE Companies large and small engage in projects and tasks during the fiscal year that are outside the realm of their daily routine. Because these projects run concurrently with many other tasks, they require a tactical approach to ensure that your company has the time and resources to tackle these initiatives and keep all the balls in the air.First and foremost, you have to reduce the odds that an initiative will fail dueto internal time conflicts or personnel absences. An automated time andproject tracking system like Journyx gives you the tools to study and plan theuse of employee time so that team members don’t become double-booked oroverworked.Similarly, a system like this lets you determine if employees will be availablefor the duration of the project. Many an initiative has come to a grinding haltbecause of an unexpected vacation during a critical time period. Such insightwill allow you and your employees to mitigate these circumstances withoutneglecting the needs of anyone.Finally, you should look to your backlog of projects for any similarinitiatives. That will help you determine the optimum time to begin animportant project in your timeline. It will also allow you to accurately setexpectations for key stakeholders both internally and externally. You canreduce the chances that a project gets put on hold due to delays in previousprojects that overextend their time or budget requirements.These techniques will allow you to avoid an unproductive piecemealapproach to projects that can quickly lead to angry stakeholders and burntout employees. They will also allow you to take on more impressiveinitiatives, leading to an excited customer base and ultimately greater profitsfor you.Reference Link: