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Making management more manageable

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Making management more manageable

  1. 1. Making Management More ManageableSecure management strategies are nearly always summed up in terms reflecting acreative mindset. Thinking “outside the box” and coming up with “new, innovativetechniques” is often the expectation and praise lauded on elite executives. Ofcourse, there is great value to these attributes. The human element of management– that being the skill acquired from personal talent and the knowledge that comeswith experience – separates the great managers from the mediocre. However, thedevelopment of these methods is only one aspect of a powerful managerial style.The other is a strong command of logistics.Often shuffled into the background or carelessly delegated away, consistentlogistical analysis has the ability to refine a project (or project coordinator),combining the positive results of innovation and forward-thought with thepredictive ability of a hard science. Again, the key to effective long-termmanagement strategy is consistency. That can only be achieved by keeping a closeeye on all aspects of a project, team or industry. Such omniscience seems almostimpossible given the breadth of the modern executive’s required responsibilities,especially when dealing with employees and individual skill. While some softwaresolutions may partially resolve these issues, difficulties arise when the attempt ismade to streamline the data therein.The Journyx ProjectXecute plug-in is a software solution that solves the issue ofmanaging resource-related data by presenting an intuitive interface with anefficient communications system built in. ProjectXecute breaks down the who,what and when of resource management allocation across the enterprise.ProjectXecute gives each project team member real-time project and productivitydata for decision support. Project managers have the ability to monitor the status ofvarious projects based on cost, schedule and progress. Rather than wasting timewith calls and emails, ProjectXecute provides PMs with instant visibility intoproject schedules, resources and time - all in one place.For those busy executives? ProjectXecute provides an Executive Dashboard screenthat gives the CXO insight into overall project costs and ROI, enabling him or herto make strategic decisions with more precision. By instituting an easily accessibledatabase and instant communication system, ProjectXecute provides a modernanswer to a classic managerial difficulty.
  2. 2. Many companies miss out on the benefits they could receive by simply integratingtheir projects, initiatives and organizational work. Are you one of them?For further information visit: -