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Kpis and wounded companies


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Kpis and wounded companies

  1. 1. KPIS AND WOUNDED COMPANIESWell, it finally happened. The mighty Apple has fallen from grace as theirstocks dry up into nothing and they are left with naught but a dusty iPod inthe sand.Yet, Apple recently reported its best quarter ever, with profits actuallyclimbing steadily higher and continuing to break records for industrygrowth. How can this be? As Mashable reports, “investors wanted to seeApple beat estimates by a convincing margin in order to set aside lingeringconcerns about the stock.” So then, what might appear by one standard to bethe ultimate measure of success is seen by another as failure.That is specifically why, in any company, you must curtail the keyperformance indicators on which you focus, limiting them to two or three atmost. While it is likely the case that stock performance is a KPI for Apple,