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Essential Procurement Process And Contract In India


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The PPT here describes about the effective process which helps to maintain the legal contract in India. For more information you can always visit:

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Essential Procurement Process And Contract In India

  1. 1. Essential Procurement Process And Contract In India Presented By :
  2. 2. Right Acquisition Of Suppliers Thesearch for theright suppliersisnot an easy task. Thisacquisition will alwayshelp your businessto grow. Besidesthis, theacquisition of goods and commoditiesarealso important to start theprocurement activities.
  3. 3. Right Process Of Procurement Theprocurement process alwaysinvolvesresearch. Thiswill help in checking thevulnerability and organizing theproducts very well.
  4. 4. Preparing The Check-list Properly Indiaprocurement isalwayspreparing the check list. Thishelp in theproper quality check so that theprocurement can bedone very smoothly.
  5. 5. Maintaining The Legal Contract Proper legal contract and complianceareto be maintained so that there remainsaparity between all the stepsof theprocurement process.
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