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How To Know If Network Marketing Companies Are Lying To You


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How To Know If Network Marketing Companies Are Lying To You

  1. 1. How to Know If Network Marketing Companies Are Lying to You<br />There are a lot of network marketing companies that are competing to get recruits. This should be a good thing for you, but there’s one problem here.There are also a lot of pyramid and ponzi schemes trying to recruit victims. Here are a couple of tips to help you pick up discrepancies and red flags when applying for companies:Quick, easy moneyIt’s one of the oldest tricks in the book – and it still works to fool a lot of people. The money is quick and easy once you are comfortably at the top. Even then you will still need to keep a close eye on things to prevent your business from collapsing. If you are new to the business, however, you will have to spend months years building up your organization from the ground up.This means that you have to spend a significant amount of time and energy before the money starts to roll in. Excessive focus on recruitingThere is a difference between direct marketing and network marketing – and that’s in building an organization.The potential to make big money with network marketing starts by recruiting and then training your leads. You get a percentage from their profits and this means that you have to make sure your recruits are making successful sales. This means that a company with vague training programs is more interested in saddling you with useless products rather than encouraging you to actually sell something. Overly aggressive recruitingLegitimate network marketing needs to build strong sales over time, and this means that it takes time for their products to gain sales. If a company is very aggressive in pressuring you to join, you may want to take a step back and assess the situation. Pyramid or ponzi schemes eventually become unsustainable, and this is the main reason why they rush to milk cash from unwitting recruits before the system starts to break down. This is why you have to avoid signing up and paying money right away. Take some time to assess how you can sell a product and work from there. If you notice any of these signs - quick, easy money, excessive focus on recruiting and overly aggressive recruiting – then you might want to look for business opportunities with other network marketing companies. It’s better to be safe than sorry.<br />