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Spooky WordPress: Disturbingly Brilliant Uses of WP


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Brad Williams and Brian Messenlehner, co-founders of, demonstrate interesting and amazing ways you can use WordPress! This is not your standard WordPress showcase presentation. Have you ever seen a WordPress powered iPhone app? How about a Facebook or Open Social app running WordPress? In this presentation you will!

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Spooky WordPress: Disturbingly Brilliant Uses of WP

  1. 1. Spooky WordPress Disturbingly Brilliant Uses of WP
  2. 2. Brad “The Butcher” Williams Brian “The Maniac” Messenlehner • Co-Founder of • Co-Author of Professional WordPress • Co-Host of the SitePoint Podcast • Co-founder of • That other guy • Proprietary Software Developer Enlightened by Open-Source • WordPress! WordPress! WordPress! Professional WordPress Plugin Development coming March 2011 @williamsba @bmess Your Hosts
  3. 3. Disturbing Topics • iPhone Apps Powered by WP • Facebook Apps Powered by WP • Interesting Plugins/Themes in WP
  4. 4. WordPress is MUCH More than website software
  5. 5. WordPress is MUCH More than website software Scary isn’t it?!
  6. 6. WordPress is MUCH More than website software Scary isn’t it?! Think Outside the Box! WordPress can be used for anything!
  7. 7. If you are stuck in a box that’s an entirely different issue
  8. 8. Why Reinvent the Wheel?
  9. 9. Core WordPress Features Content Management with custom types and taxonomies User accounts and roles Image, Media, and Gallery Support Link Management Easily extensible with plugins
  10. 10. New iPhone App
  11. 11. So What Did We Build? App to End World Hunger? App to solve a critical problem? App to provide a useful tool or service?
  12. 12. So What Did We Build? Of Course Not! We Built: Location Based Pee Tracking
  13. 13. Search “” in the App store
  14. 14. New users can register an account (in WordPress) Uses a modified XML-RPC
  15. 15. Existing users can login (and remember me) Authenticates using WordPress
  16. 16. Users can PLOT and add a simple description
  17. 17. PLOT is saved and all existing plots are listed
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Geo data saved as meta data (custom fields) against the post Each PLOT is a post in WordPress
  20. 20. Every post is listed in WordPress as normal
  21. 21. Profile pages show user’s latest plots on a map
  22. 22. Each “plot” is a post in WP with a unique permalink
  23. 23. - loads the author.php template - loads the single.php template Facebook like URLs in WordPress
  24. 24. 100% GPL
  25. 25. Crazy Right?
  26. 26. What is Auto Photobook? • Auto Photobook is photo analyzing software developed by HP Labs. • Photos are uploaded, analyzed to remove similar photos and group photos with the same people and contrasts together than automatically arranged them into a photo book that is converted to a .pdf file that can be printed or emailed to friends to print. • WDS - Make a Facebook application for Auto Photobook that users a person’s fb photos.
  27. 27. Mother Falcon!!!! This isn’t WordPress!!!! Wait, Why Not?!?!?!? Sure it is…
  28. 28. Auto Photobook: •Users > Books > Pages/Photos WordPress: •Users > Posts > Attachments/Photos
  29. 29. Benefits of using WordPress: Use all of the handy WP functions we are used to using in our day to day lives. • Use core WP elements like Comments, Categories & Tags • Use WP Plugins to extend functionality even further if need be ie: Post Rating, Caching and pretty much any other plugin that would work around a Post. • We created a Facebook WordPress theme that makes any WordPress website look and function like it belongs in Facebook as an App
  30. 30. Facebook Application Meet Keith Milks (Ax Murderer) He received a request to join the Auto Photobook Facebook Application
  31. 31. Extended Permissions Can request a lot of permissions from access a user’s email address to reading their Facebook inbox to accessing all of a user’s friends birthdays.
  32. 32. Add this user to WordPressWhen Keith allows permission to the app he gets added as a WordPress user and some of his Facebook data is saved as user meta in addition to his name. At this point we could save any of Keith’s Facebook data from his birthday to what movies he likes if we wanted to store it. A filter is applied to replace all WordPress avatars with their Facebook profile photo: add_filter('get_avatar','fb_get_avatar’); function fb_get_avatar($fb_id) { $avatar='<img src="'.$fb_id. '/picture"/>'; return $avatar; } will return that users default profile photo
  33. 33. Build a Book
  34. 34. Process Book • Creates a WordPress post with the book name as the title and the description as the content under the WP user Keith Milks. • Pushes up any FB photos selected to the Auto Photobook API. • Returns book information from Auto Photobook API and saves it in custom fields per the post. • Renders a flash editor with the finished book.
  35. 35. Publish Book• Photobook is converted to a .PDF file. • Photobook pages are converted to individual images and stored as an attachment against the WordPress post. • Post changes from draft to published. • A Facebook wall post is made on the user’s Facebook wall. • If any of the user’s friends were Facebook tagged in any of the photos they used to make the book, wall posts will be made on their Facebook walls as well.
  36. 36. News Feed Example
  37. 37. Single.php Can do anything on this page as if it where a post page because it is. Any comments made will also trigger a Facebook wall post being made to the authors Facebook wall and the commenter's Facebook wall.
  38. 38. All Books - Standard WordPress Loop
  39. 39. Friends’ Book – FQL & WordPress Loop • Facebook Query Language is used to only return WP authors that are Facebook friends
  40. 40. Edit Post Page in Backend • WordPress automatically provides a backend UI for managing any books created by any Facebook users
  41. 41. Invite Friends Spread like a flesh eating virus!
  42. 42. Make It Stop! #wcphilly after party
  43. 43. Notable WordPress Projects Task Management Plugin
  44. 44. Notable WordPress Projects Contact Manager Theme
  45. 45. Notable WordPress Projects Simple Ticketing System Theme
  46. 46. Questions?
  47. 47. Brad “The Butcher” Williams Brian “The Maniac” Messenlehner • Email: • Twitter: @williamsba • Blog: • Email: • Twitter: @bmess Professional WordPress Plugin Development coming March 2011 Contact