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New landings self promotion the right way


Published on Watch the Live Version. I presented this 2 Years Ago and it is true to this day... Enjoy

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New landings self promotion the right way

  1. 1. New Landings Speaker Series "Self Promotion and exposing your skills via Social Media"Presented by: William Rock - 816-518-8225 -
  2. 2. Become the Authoritative VoiceFind ways to showyour knowledge whenemployers are looking.Example: Social NetworksFind Industry Groups within theindustry you are applying and join intothe conversations.DONT Brag, Debate or Trash OthersGET INVOLVED - Show you are anexpert on the topics and have fun!
  3. 3. Do You Have a Website?Portfolio / ResumeThe fear of building a websiteis overwhelming, it can be simple ifyou use these specific tools.
  4. 4. How Do I Get Started ???Portfolio / Resume Websites: • • • • doodlekit.comThese are simple to setup and you can use them to get your name ranked on Googlesuch as:
  5. 5. Google Yourself - What Comes Up for YourName?If you have anything out on theweb that can hurt you fromfinding a job, clean it up beforeyour interviewer finds it first.
  6. 6. How many times have you been asked for REFERENCES?If you have produced good work for others you can get arecommendation. This can help in the Interview.
  7. 7. Other Useful Tools:FREE Graphic Editing Tools: • www.gimp.orgTracking Tools: - Google AlertsSocial Groups:(If you do not have a Profile yet I would recommend one) • Twitter • Linkedin DONT POST UNLESS YOU • Facebook WANT THE WORLD TO SEE IT! Keep it Clean
  8. 8. I could keep going or we can have an OPEN Q&A