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Marketing Community Social Media Content Strategy


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Marketing Community Social Media Content Strategy

  2. 2. | October 2015 |William Mondello 2 Weekly Mondays Monthly 3rd Wednesday Monthly 2nd Wednesday Monthly 4th Wednesday A monthly news giving insights and news on the Home and connected objects market. A monthly news giving key-elements on the Savings market and its possible developments. A monthly news giving inspiration on the Health topic with products presentation, companies innovative initiatives or trends. A weekly short news on insurance products and market. Updates on the latest of the worldwide Insurance Market. Presented by Customer Intelligence Presented by Health Product Manager Presented by Home Product Manager Presented by Savings Product Manager Marketing Community Content Strategy
  3. 3. | October 2015 |William Mondello 3 Monthly 1st Friday Monthly 3rd Friday Monthly 2nd Friday Monthly 4th Thursday A monthly news highlighting an unspecified product by the other contents. examples: PPP, EW, Pet,… A monthly Top/down webconference giving updates on a Product: new features, new strategy, best practices to countries. Contents available on Community platform the day after, A monthly news gathering elements of the previous HO Marketing Council held by Executive Committee: speakers record their presentation as audio afterwards and post their presentations or videos in this same news item. A monthly Bottom/up video introducing a crowdsourced best practice from a country. What is it, how did the country implemented it, why this would be interesting for other BNPP marketing teams. Presented by Countries Led via Ambassador Presented by HO members Presented by HO member Presented by HO Led in Editorial Committee Marketing Community Content Strategy
  4. 4. Content Strategy Agenda: Content Series & Advertisement Spaces October 2015William Mondello 4