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Prof writing powerpoint


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Prof writing powerpoint

  1. 1. Final Course Reflection Assignment Professional Writing William McClure
  2. 2. Module V
  3. 3. Module XII • All pursuasive messages have several purposes. – Primary Purposes: • To have the reader act. • To provide enough information so the reader knows what to do • To overcome any objection that might prevent or delay action
  4. 4. Module XII Cont. • Secondary purposes: – To build a good image of the writer. – To build a good image of the writer's organization. – To cement a good relationship between the writer and dealer. • Most common kinds of persuasive messages include: – Orders, collection letters, performance appraisals, and letters of recommendation
  5. 5. Module XXI • Report – Document that contains numerical data – Type of reports include: • • • • • Formal reports Informal reports Information reports Analytical reports Recommendation reports
  6. 6. Module XXI Cont. • A good purpose statement makes three things clear: – The organizational problem or conflict. – The specific technical questions that must be answered to solve the problem. – The rhetorical purpose (to explain, to recommend, to request, to propose) the report is designed to achieve.
  7. 7. Module XXIII
  8. 8. Ways to Create Effective Social Media • • • • • • • • • • Do your research Write a killer headline Follow with a great opening Eliminate fluff Be conversational Don’t be “salesy” Stand by your opinions Use pictures Be a recourse Keep trying
  9. 9. Utilization of Information • Communication with others in the workplace is vital. – Learning the proper way to create reports, persuasive messages, as well as memos and letter is important because they’re skills we will use for the rest of our professional lives.