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A presentation on 2G education I gave in Moscow

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  • Great slideshow. Will something similar be presented at the Sunday School seminar in London next month?
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  • Moscow nice city, was there last summer
    only for moscow friends ściąganie długów szczecin należności kredyty nadzór nad płynnścią firm windykacja
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  • Some countries too small
  • International experience good
  • Second generation education

    1. 1. Second generationeducationMoscow, Easter 2013
    2. 2. Where are we at?What did we expect/hope for when we joined?True love through the BlessingMeaningful lifeGood lineageWhat is our reality?Mixture of happy and unhappy marriagesMany leave or disillusioned2G tooWhy is it like this?Matchings, poor marriage guidance and supportMisunderstanding and misapplication of the PrincipleLack of support and education of 2G in family andchurch
    3. 3. What is to be done?Better marriage preparation and supportWhere from?Proper understanding and application of thePrincipleWhere from?Good 2G educationSpiritual and moral educationCommunity of faith
    4. 4. Why do we call them the2G?Change of lineageWhat does this mean?
    5. 5. What is lineage?Great-grandparentsGrandparentsParentsChildrenGrandchildrenGreat-grandchildrenOur identity is sociallyconstructed by relationshipsMost significant relationshipsare familialTo reveal ourselvesis to tell our story,where we come fromOur identity comes fromour lineage
    6. 6. What should be our lineage?SocietyNationWorldTrueLoveChildof GodGodHusband WifeFamilyGod is LoveLifeLineageIdentityGod’s love should be fullyexpressed through Four Realms ofHeart and Three Great KingshipsGod’s love would cascadethrough generationsIdentity:“God is my father”“I can possess the love of God”“I can inherit God’s kingdom”Way of life: living for sake of othersHospitality to strangers
    7. 7. What is fallen humanlineage?SocietyNationWorldCorruptLoveChildSatanHusband WifeFamilyWay of life: mixture of goodand bad, selfish andunselfishFallen natureFallen traditionsIdentity: Confused“People are deluded into believing thatthe lineage of the enemy is the lifelineupon which the world depends.” Father
    8. 8. An acquired identityWhat is the reason humankind has yet to escapefrom the snare of sin? It is because people areborn inheriting the false lineage of Satan from theoutset. However, this is not an innate, principle-based blood connection bestowed by Heaven.Rather it is an acquired relationship that existsin violation of the principle. It was brought aboutby human error.True Father, Peace Messages
    9. 9. In other words, though human beings have beenreduced to the position of orphans who have losttheir parents through the Fall, the fundamentalrelationship of parent and child endowed by Heavenremains intact. Human beings, through the Fall,have become ignorant beings who live in avegetative state, unable to recognize their ownFather even though He is right there within andbeside them.Therefore, all human beings belong to the fallenlineage regardless of who they may be, and theymust without exception be born again through theconversion of lineage. This is the only way to berestored into the originally-intended bloodrelationship bequeathed to us by God.True Father, Peace Messages
    10. 10. You should have the following experience andrealization. First, you should substantially feel,"Im born again and have received new life, andIm Gods son or daughter who leads a new lifethrough the love of True Parents." Second, "Im aqualified citizen of Gods land." Third, when youlook at the nation and world, you should feelGods mercy and think, "God handed down thisworld to me, so l as Gods child have a right topossess this world."True FatherChange of lineage is change of identity from “child of Satan” to childof God
    11. 11. What is most important?“Listen, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord;and you shall love the Lord your God with allyour heart, and with all your soul, and with allyour might. And these words which I commandyou this day shall be upon your heart; and youshall teach them diligently to your children, andyou shall talk of them when you sit in yourhouse, and when you walk by the way, andwhen you lie down, and when you rise.”Deuteronomy 6:4-9Love God and teach your children
    12. 12. Two goals of 2G educationEstablish their true identity as children ofGodDevelop original mind and conscienceLive in the Principle and see the worldthrough the eyes of the PrincipleFind their place in God’s providenceEstablish a strong 2G communityInclusiveExciting, interesting, enjoyable, activeBest friendsWant to marry another 2G
    13. 13. How to do that?Starts in the familyHusband-wife loving relationship in daily lifeAct of conception and growth in womb8 days ceremonyDaily lifePrayer, reading, playingRelativesFamily is not enough“It takes a village to raise a child.” African proverb
    14. 14. How to do that?Starts in the familySupported by the communityCrecheSunday schoolActivitiesBirthday partiesSummer campsCommunity is not enough
    15. 15. How to do that?Starts in the familySupported by the communitySupported by the countryWorkshopsEducational curriculumBlessing educationAdvanced programsNation is not enough
    16. 16. How to do that?Starts in the familySupported by the communitySupported by the countrySupported on international levelSTF, DONE, YSIAdvanced workshops and programsCheongpeongGOP programmeBlessing preparation
    17. 17. Overview of 2G in Europe4193 Second Generation in Europe(2012)780 Germany700 United Kingdom470 Austria400 France240 Italy120 Czech RepublicRest less than 100
    18. 18. Overview of 2G in Europe0100200300400500600700800AlbaniaAndorraAustriaBelgiumBosniaHerzegovinaBulgariaCroatiaCzechRepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandIrelandItalyLatviaLiechtensteinLuxembourgMacedoniaMaltaMonacoNetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaSanMarinoSerbiaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandUnitedKingdomBCs in Europe - national overview (4193 in total )Female Male Unspecified
    19. 19. Second generationactivitiesSunday school, summer camps – varies a lotHARPLocal, national, international workshopsDONEPost high school education 3 monthsSTFPost high school education, 10 monthsfundraising, witnessing, humanitarianprojectsUniversity chaplains in UKStudent service in London
    20. 20. European 2G Blessings600 individuals blessedStill togetherTrue Parents matching – 68%Parent’s matching – 95%Total 82%Proportion over 18 blessed – about 30%Twice a year blessing preparation workshopand parents convocationWhere do the 30% come from?
    21. 21. Attendance at CheongeongInternational High School summerworkshop
    22. 22. Attendance at CP UniversityStudents Workshop 2012USA 20Germany 17UK 12 (5 from my Sunday School)France 5Sweden 3Austria 3Norway 2Spain 1Ireland 1Monaco 1Italy 1Bulgaria 1Total on workshop 80
    23. 23. Sunday school in NorthLondon25 years Sunday School5 age groupsCrechePebblesStonesRocksJunior HARPSenior HARPHARP serviceLocal and London-wideAnnual Summer Camp for children
    24. 24. CurriculumCurriculum for younger children3 year curriculum - 6-15 years150 lessonsOld Testament, New Testament, CompletedTestamentRepeat 3 year cycleBible stories and learning from themAge appropriate materialsTestimonies from older 2G
    25. 25. Why the Bible?Identity is constructed as a narrativeWe conceptualise ourselves and reveal anexplain ourselves in terms of storiesWe want to find ourselves in the story of God’sprovidenceThat story is contained in the BibleIt is important for the stories to be told correctly
    26. 26. Initiation into theprovidence“What we should stress from now on in the fieldof education is tradition, education and practice.You must know the tradition. You must respectour tradition. You must educate focusing on thetradition.” (TF 1991)“Practice enables the tradition to extend itself.What is the extension of tradition? Not me as aperson. But in the tradition, you can find God’sprovidence of restoration and providence ofsalvation. You should clearly understand this.You should educate people about it clearly.” (TF1992)
    27. 27. The providence is Biblical“The tradition is God and True Parents tradition.We must educate people with the tradition ofTrue Parents. If people go through theireducation correctly, then they will reach the Godof providential history.”(TF 1992)“People can never find the path that leads to lifewithout understanding the particulars of theprovidence of restoration. Herein lies the reasonwhy we must study the Principle of Restoration indetail.” (D.P. 187)
    28. 28. If you know who you are you will know how toliveIf you know your place in God’s providence youwill know what to do with your life
    29. 29. Results90% of North London 2G still involvedwith churchAbout 1/4 go to STFAbout 1/4 attend Cheongpeong 40 dayssummer workshop8% of second generation at Cheongpeong in2011 came from North LondonMost get blessed
    30. 30. Sunday school in Sweden67 second generation aged 4 to 29 yearsold.64 are members24 have been on STF or similarprogrammes (36%)14 are blessed. (One is probably broken)All the rest seem happy26 went to GOP in Korea for one yearMany attend Cheongpeong 40 daysworkshop
    31. 31. Tim AtkinsonPrimary school teacher for 30 yearsTeaching Sunday School for 20 yearsTrained second generation to teachProduced best developed curriculumSunday school manual7 courses270 lessonsLesson plansActivitiesWorksheetsGames
    32. 32. Ages 3 – 5 years oldMy Book of God - 91 lessonsOld Testament stories - 27 lessonsAges 6- 8 years oldNew Testament – 34 lessonsMy Journey in Life - 32 lessonsAges 9-11 years oldTrue Parents’ Lives & the Early Church - 41lessonsThe Principle Main Points - 50 lessonsAge 12 years oldTwenty-one Virtues
    33. 33. Sunday school schedule (2hours)Half bow to God and TP. Teachers and childrenbow to each otherSongsDonationRegisterGreet each otherShort messageGames45 minute lessonSnacks
    34. 34. Child-centred religion“Listen, my people, to my teaching, and pay attentionto what I say. I am going to use wise sayings andexplain mysteries from the past, things we haveheard and known, things that our ancestors told us.We will not keep them from our children; we will tellthe next generation about the Lord’s power and hisgreat deeds and the wonderful things he has done.He gave laws to the people of Israel andcommandments to the descendants of Jacob. Heinstructed our ancestors to teach his laws to theirchildren, so that the next generation might learnthem and in turn tell their children. In this way theyalso would put their trust in God and not forget whathe has done, but always follow his commandments.”
    35. 35. Don’t forgetFamilies have childrenNo Sunday schoolFamilies won’t come to churchFamilies won’t join churchChurch will disappearIf you don’t invest in your future you won’t haveone