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Austin tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, face lift


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Dr Gorman carries out copious plastic surgery actions in Austin, including liposuction, face lift, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction.
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Austin tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, face lift

  1. 1. After you have researched options in plastic surgery, you will only be satisfied with the very best work. Dr. Gorman is Board Certified and an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Austin, and a specialist in particular areas.<br />Breast Reduction<br />(Reduction Mammaplasty, Gynecomastia)<br />Sometimes large breasts can be the cause of physical discomfort like neck, shoulder and back pain, or skin rashes underneath the breast. A reduction mammaplasty is designed to reduce those discomforts and enhance the overall appearance of your breasts by removing excess breast tissue and skin, making your breasts smaller and firmer. A similar surgery can be performed on men with enlarged breast tissue (a condition called Gynecomastia). These breast reduction surgeries have some of the highest rates of patient satisfaction of any plastic surgery procedures.<br />Breast Lift<br />(Mastopexy)<br />If you are happy with the size of your breasts but not with their firmness or the effects gravity has had on them, you could be a good candidate for a mastopexy. This procedure removes excess breast skin to raise, reshape and firm your breasts. You can also combine this procedure with breast implants to increase size while you reshape.<br />Breast Augmentation<br />(Augmentation Mammaplasty)<br />If weight loss has drastically reduced the size and altered the shape of your breasts; if your breasts have become smaller and lost firmness after having children and breastfeeding; if one of your breasts is significantly smaller than the other; or if you simply feel self-conscious and wish for larger breasts, augmentation mammaplasty might be the right choice for you. This purely cosmetic procedure uses implants to enlarge and hence reshape the breasts. Patients who undergo this surgery can improve their self-image and often their self-confidence as well.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Breast Implant Removal or Exchange• Capsulotomy• Capsulectomy<br />Breast Reconstruction<br />Tissue Expansion<br />Following a mastectomy, Dr. Gorman will insert a balloon expander beneath your skin and chest muscle. Periodically he will inject a salt water solution to gradually fill the expander, once the skin over the breast area has stretched enough the expander may be removed in a second surgery and an implant will be inserted. In some cases the expander may be left in place as the final implant.<br />Flap Reconstruction<br />An alternative approach to implant reconstruction involves creation of a skin flap using tissue from other parts of the body, such as the back or abdomen.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Nipple Areola Reconstruction• Nipple Tattooing (through APSI Skin Care Clinic)• Inverted Nipple Reconstruction<br />Body Contouring<br />Tummy Tuck(Abdominoplasty)<br />If you can't flatten your stomach with a healthy diet and regular abdominal workouts, you might be in the market for an abdominoplasty. While such lifestyle changes can improve your health, they are often no match for excess fat and loose, sagging skin that some people hold onto after losing a lot of weight or having children. A tummy tuck will firm and smooth the abdomen by removing that excess fat and skin, and may also tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. If you want a leaner and more defined midsection than you have been able to achieve with diet or exercise, speak to Dr. Gorman about a tummy tuck. He is skilled in tummy tuck procedures from the most basic to more extended, circumferential abdominoplasty surgeries.<br />Liposuction(Liposculpture)<br />It may not be only your abs that won't respond to diet and exercise. There are many stubborn areas of the body, face, and neck that will respond better to lipoplasty. When you remove deposits of excess fat from these areas, a smoother, better proportioned body is the result. While not a treatment for obesity, liposuction can improve the look of hips, thighs, and buttocks (thighplasty), shape calves and ankles, trim the upper arm and chest area (brachioplasty), as well as tighten the abdomen and waist.<br />Lower Body Lift/Buttock Lift(Thighlift)<br />If you often wear loose-fitting clothing, or you'd rather sit than stand in a social gathering simply because you don't like the shape of your thighs and buttocks, a Lateral/Medial Thigh Lift may be a fine option for you. While nothing can completely remove all cellulite, this surgery will remove excess fat and skin to reduce the volume of thighs and buttocks, improve the contours of those areas, and tighten the skin to improve the appearance of cellulite.<br />Brachioplasty(Arm Lift)<br />An arm lift is a surgical procedure to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits in the upper arm. Aging can cause the skin to become loose and flabby, Dr. Gorman will discuss brachioplasty with patients who want to tighten this skin and look as good as they feel. Liposuction alone may be recommended or in conjunction with an arm lift to remove the excess fat.<br />Face<br />Facelift(Rhytidectomy)<br />If the look of your face no longer reflects how you feel about yourself, a facelift, or rhytidectomy, can make you look younger by smoothing the loose skin on your face and neck, tightening underlying tissues, and removing excess fat. It can eradicate deep wrinkles in cheeks or a deep line running from your nose to the corners of your mouth. It can remove loose skin and wrinkles in your neck, and even the " jowly" look that comes with the loss of a well-defined jaw line. Performed on both men and women, a facelift can be combined with other procedures, like a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, or skin rejuvenating treatments like chemical peels or dermabrasion.<br />Forehead Lift(Browlift)<br />If you can feel well rested and content, but your face doesn't reflect it, it may be that your forehead is to blame. Sometimes called a Browlift, the surgical correction for furrowed brows and frown lines between the brows corrects the sagging or low position of the eyebrows and softens the horizontal creases that can create a worried or angry expression. The result is a more serene, relaxed appearance overall, due to a refreshing change to the upper third of the face.<br />Eyelid Surgery(Blepharoplasty)<br />If the eyes are the window to the soul, you don't want them to be overshadowed by puffy, wrinkled, or drooping eyelids or " bags" underneath them that can make you look constantly tired or sad. Blepharoplasty, or aesthetic eyelid surgery, removes the excess fat and skin to tighten up both upper and lower eyelids, resulting in a sharper and more rested appearance. It can also correct noticeable asymmetry. This surgery can be done in combination with a facelift, for a complete younger look.<br />Aesthetic Nose Surgery(Rhinoplasty)<br />One of the oldest and most popular facial plastic surgeries, Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape, and general appearance of your nose, which in turn, can give your entire face an attractive new look. The goal is a natural looking nose that " fits" with the face behind it. It can be done after a damaging injury, in conjunction with a facelift to correct changes caused by aging, or by itself on those older than fifteen, simply to change a displeasing feature. Often certain breathing problems caused by internal nasal structure can also be corrected during the aesthetic surgery.<br />Septoplasty<br />In some occasions a patient may have a deviated septum which may result in an airway obstruction. Surgical repair of this may be covered by your health insurance.<br />Facial Implants<br />Chin Augmentation<br />Chin implants are used to improve, enhance and provide a balance to your face and features. There are many different types of implants available, manufactured from a variety of materials.<br />Cheek Implants<br />A patient may choose to have cheek implants placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure. For example, during a facelift cheek implants can be placed to help restore a more youthful appearance and fill out a face that appears " sunken" or tired.<br />Fat Injections(Lipostructure, Lipogen Harvest)<br />Though fat is often something people want to lose in various places, fat injections or Lipostructure are often used to smooth out and contour various asymmetries and irregularities on the face and other areas of the body. Depending on the part of the body affected, this procedure is often done in an outpatient setting with only local anesthesia. If you are a good candidate for this surgery, it can give a more youthful look to your facial features without the need for more invasive surgical procedures.<br />Lip Augmentation<br />*See Fat Injections and Restylane Injections (APSI Skin Care Clinic Services)<br />Ear Surgeries<br />(Otoplasty)<br />For young children with unusually formed ears, the taunting and teasing that can come from peers can leave lifelong emotional scars that could easily be avoided with plastic surgery. Ear Pinning, or otoplasty, is often done on children between the ages of four and fourteen, usually to set overly prominent ears back closer to the head or reduce the size of large ears. It can also aid with other cosmetic problems of non-ideal shaped ears or earlobes. While it can also be performed on adults with few additional risks, it is often done at a younger age to help affected children avoid teasing.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Earlobe Repair<br />Plastic Surgery for the Skin<br />Many doctors can perform surgeries to the skin, whether or not it is in a highly visible location like the face. However, Dr. Gorman is specifically focused on minimalizing the outward effects of these surgeries to your appearance, and his honed expertise often makes him the first choice for individuals who require a surgery on any part of the body. Since 80% of skin cancers occur on the face, head or neck, it may be best to turn to a Dr. Gorman to remove them, as he is trained to minimalize deformities. Most scars treated by Dr. Gorman will be barely visible or can be hidden within the natural folds of facial tissue. Dr. Gorman can also assist with associated conditions and procedures listed below.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Mole Removal • Scar Revision • Excision of Lesions • Closure of Skin Cancer Defects • Adjacent Tissue Transfer• Skin Grafting • Treatment of Small Area Burns<br />Skin Resurfacing<br />There are many rejuvenating and beautifying techniques for the face; Chemical Peels, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and Dermabrasion are three such options to reduce wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, superficial scars, precancerous skin conditions, or other facial irregularities. There are different types of Chemical Peels (TCA Chemical Peel, Phenol Chemical Peel) for different conditions, all involving topical solutions applied to affected areas for varying lengths of time. Dermabrasion uses a small rapidly spinning wheel with a roughened surface to remove upper layers of skin, and is most often used on scars or small areas. Laser Skin Resurfacing is the newest of these procedures, during which upper layers of skin are removed by the skilled control of a carbon dioxide laser. These procedures can be done alone for more minor issues or in conjunction with other aesthetic surgeries.<br />Plastic Surgery of the Hand<br />Hand surgery is effective for both medically necessary and cosmetic concerns. Besides the many improvements that can be made to a hand's appearance, Dr. Gorman can vastly improve many kinds of hand injuries and conditions, from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Rheumatoid Arthritis, to any number of congenital defects. Dr. Gorman is experienced in a wide array of therapies and hand surgeries: grafting of skin, bone and nerves; tendon, nerve, vascular or joint replacement; replantation of accidentally amputated fingers or hands using the delicate techniques of microsurgery.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Reconstructive Surgery • Nerve repair • Tendon, nerve, vascular and joint replacements • Surgical treatments:      carpal tunnel (open, endoscopic)      tenosynovitis      trigger finger      de Quervain's      Depuytren's disease<br />Pediatric Plastic Surgery<br />Dr. Gorman is a specialists in many pediatric surgeries. Considering any invasive procedure on a child is a cause for great reflection. Parents want what is best for their child's health but also want their child to be free from pain and physical difficulties. Dr. Gorman has been trained to attend to these extra issues related to surgeries performed on children and infants. Come see us to discuss your child's Cleft Lip or Palate or other congenital irregularities. We are here to help.<br />Related procedures:<br />• Cleft Palate (Palatoplasty)• Cleft Lip (Repair)• Congenital Deformities<br />To schedule your initial consultation, call the office at (512) 454-6733 or complete the contact form.<br />