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Brussels may9 12b


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Drs. Cornelis Hulsman - Presentation in Brussels on May 9, 2012.

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Brussels may9 12b

  1. 1. Photos showing a different image of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt from thatpresented in most media
  2. 2. - Electronic library on Muslim-Christian relations since 1997 – 28,000 articles and reports- Investigative reporting of hundreds of tensions – analyse patterns- Seeking peaceful solutionsFounded by:- Sawsan Gabra, Egyptian/Coptic Orthodox- Cornelis Hulsman, 35 years involved in sociological research and dialogue
  3. 3. Muslims and Christians in the revolution
  4. 4. Muslims solidarity with Christiansfollowing an attack – what do they do?Pray!
  5. 5. Muslim Brothers and sisters in Alexandriademonstrating in support of Christiansfollowing an attack on a church in March2011
  6. 6. New Year 2012 – Muslims mourning theattack on a church in Alexandria one yearearlier
  7. 7. March 18, 2012 – Muslims providing waterall day long to mourning Christians for thedeath of Pope Shenouda
  8. 8. Qufada: Father Yo’annis (caring for thepoor) and Salafi sheikh Hamdi (chairingreconcilliation meetings)
  9. 9. Example of church building after therevolution - (mis) use the weakness of thegovernment. Tens of new churches havebeen built
  10. 10. Egypt is a country full of problems BUTWhen you experience also this in Egypt canyou speak of persecution??My answer: a firm NO!But do Christians and Muslims in Egyptneed our help to overcome its currentdifficulties??My answer: a firm YES! But do this wisely!
  11. 11. Christian responses diverse:-Optimism, army even rebuildsdestroyed churches, end of censorship-Pessimism, fear for Islamists, mobs inthe streets Bishop Golta: be optimistic!! Support Egypt!!
  12. 12. What can we do in the West?- Study, see relations are neither black nor white- Do not blame Islam in general/ seek Muslim friends- Listen to Egyptians experienced in dialogue: - i.e. Bishop Qulta: religion but not spirituality,- Respect for Islam is NOT belief- Encourage EgyptiansPossible projects:- Publication on Muslim-Christian/Arab-West dialogue with Egyptian Muslim and Christian scholars participating- Early Warning and Early Response system to encourage civilians to act in an early stage against developments that could lead to violence. Always in cooperation with Egyptian authorities
  13. 13. ParlementarischerAbend BerlinMarch 2011.
  14. 14. Thank you for listening!Visit our website:www.arabwestreport.infoSign up for our newsletter (free)Support our work