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BDA Live & Online


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This presentation outlines the main elements of BDA Live & Online. It covers the important role of research in the programme and the elements we have added to ensure that our members feel that this really is their event. BDA Live & Online is a brave and bold step to deliver a truly valuable and unique experience for BDA members and other professionals and individuals interested in diet, health and nutrition.

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BDA Live & Online

  1. 1. 1 The event experience we will create will be unlike any event participants have ever attended. BDA Live will be built on the things that made previous BDA conferences great: fantastic content and wonderful speakers all brought together in a unique atmosphere that only the BDA can create. BDA Live & online is the British Dietetic Association’s Flagship Event.
  2. 2. Social media can do many things for a live event but the ingredients have to be worth consuming and sharing. Social media has the potential to maximise our participants’ engagement with BDA Live. Social media will allow participants to engage with the content and will help the BDA promote their key messages far beyond the confines of the event venue. Social media will help the BDA: - Address the difficulties in changing behaviour at an individual and at a societal level. - To confirm the important position that research plays within the Dietetic profession. - To ensure that no one loses sight of the importance of food.
  3. 3. We have created an event experience that will turn our attendees into participants. Our participants will be listened to by all of our speakers, the event organiser and the BDA. Our participants will alter the event environment over the two days and they will play an active part in every aspect of their event. They will choose some of the event content, they will have the opportunity to create that content and even run their own sessions.
  4. 4. Research shows that delegates learn much more when their senses are stimulated. We want participants to remember the content. We want them to continue to connect with the people they meet and we want our participants to enjoy the whole experience that is BDA Live. In short, we want participants to touch, taste, hear, feel and see the event experience.
  5. 5. For example, we will run short sessions with a lot of participant interaction and we will also have longer sessions with a smaller number of participants. We will have panels, debates and workshops. We will have speaker led, facilitator led and participant led sessions. We will offer participants the opportunity to decide on the format of the topics they want to cover. We will also offer sessions in different spaces and environments. A variety of session styles, delivery and environments will ensure a creative buzz throughout the two days of BDA Live. Every conference session will look and feel different.
  6. 6. We want to expose our attendees to past research, papers and new ideas from our speakers. We want our speakers and our participants to have a discussion before, during and after the event. We have asked our speakers to be creative in their sessions and we will support that creativity. We want the content our speakers deliver to be exceptionally useful for our participants. We will be asking more of our speakers and in return we will be offering them more.
  7. 7. We will be taking BDA member’s research online by both submitting and displaying research digitally. We will be asking our members to submit not only peer reviewed research but proposals, practice evaluations, projects and early stage research ideas. We want to create a research hub at BDA Live that not only displays research but provides an environment for it to bud, grow and thrive. Submitting research digitally will allow our members’ work to be seen by hundreds, potentially thousands of interested health professionals not only during and after BDA Live but before the event too. We want to amplify the research that our members create.
  8. 8. The BDA will invite companies to demonstrate their latest and cutting edge products at BDA Live in a specially designed technology lounge. We want participants to be able to touch and engage with that technology as part of the unique experience. Technology will play an important role in the delivery of health and nutritional services.
  9. 9. We believe that buildings speak to people. We think this venue says “you can be creative, you can be innovative, you can challenge and you can change.” We would love to know what our venue says to you! Our event will make the most of the environments and atmospheres within Vinopolis. There will be plenty going on and even a few surprises. So be prepared to spend some time exploring this wonderful space. BDA Live is a unique event. So how could we take it to a boring hotel or conference centre?
  10. 10. We will ensure that our event leaks into the market and in some way the market joins us within the event. What a waste it would be if we had 250 Dietitians at Vinopolis - on the doorstep of Borough Market - and we didn’t use the most wonderful of markets within our event! One of the main reasons we chose Vinopolis is its location in Borough Market, one of the UK’s biggest open markets.
  11. 11. Our exhibition will be full of interesting exhibits. Our attendees will find a great mix of attractions designed to support the themes of the conference. The exhibition area will have a lounge or coffee shop feel with more relaxed, informal spaces. We will be breaking down the physical barriers which tend to stifle interaction. BDA Specialist Groups will demonstrate in the BDA Pavilion. This area will provide members with the opportunity to find out more about all parts of the BDA. There will also be presentations taking place in the exhibition area. Exhibitors will create interactive spaces to promote and engage with our participants.
  12. 12. That content will include powerful messages from the BDA which cover the importance of Dietitians to the nation’s health. The content will include members quoting and reflecting on their interaction with other participants. It will be the guidance given by our speakers. It will be everything that our participants learn. The value and the impact of that learning will be shared. Finally we hope that our participants share the wonderful experiences they have. Pictures of our venue, of our attractions and of each other will amplify BDA Live and its key themes. We will be encouraging participants to share the wonderful content with their networks.
  13. 13. Participants will be able to like and share various sessions, digital displays and exhibitions. Participants will be able to vote during sessions and they will be able to identify important policy areas for the BDA to take forward. The badge will be a fundamental part of the event experience. It will allow attendees to collect digital information from the event and send it to their email address. It can even be used to select and digitally deliver the highlights of the whole show. Badges will be enabled with RFID chips. This technology allows attendees to truly interact with the event.
  14. 14. They are providing financial support to help us deliver a truly unique experience for BDA members. They also have a creative influence on the event. We will be tailoring their involvement to ensure that they receive value from their strong association with the health and nutrition sector’s flagship event. Using a ‘creative sponsorship’ approach the BDA will be focussing sponsors involvement on creating value for our participants. Our sponsors really are“powering” BDA Live.
  15. 15. Some BDA members will be unable to join either or both days at BDA Live. Selected sessions will be available LIVE and FREE to members. Non members will be able to pay to access the wonderful online content being discussed and created at BDA Live. BDA Live & online will amplify the messages that the BDA want to take to the wider health sector. BDA Live & online is designed to allow every member to participate in a meaningful way and will allow stakeholders access to a wider audience. Members will be able to enjoy the live experience or take part in the event online.
  16. 16. October 11th and 12th, 2013 Vinopolis, London Join us