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Future trends short take 20013


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This short powerpoint first looks at how technology both responds to changes in society and then changes society. It then examines some of the current trends in Internet technology and shows how business can leverage the technology to enhance communication and position in the marketplace.... bill eager

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Future trends short take 20013

  1. 1. TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY For Small Business © 2013 Bill Eager
  2. 2. Bill Eager• Wrote Using the Internet – one of the first books written about the Internet.• 12 books about the Internet.• More than 1 million books sold.
  3. 3. Bill works with small and large business tocreate and implement online strategies toconnect with customers and employees.
  4. 4. This Short Powerpoint…BIG PICTURE Assess the growth and impact of technology on society and the workplace.SNEAK PEAK AT INTERNET APPLICATIONS Evaluate Internet technologies that can drive organizational change, improve communication and enhance productivity.
  6. 6. Technology Through TimeThe greatest value in understanding andpredicting the future comes fromspotting cultural, demographic, societal,technological and economic shifts early,then translating them into viablebusiness opportunities.
  7. 7. 110 Years Ago1903 - Horatio Nelson Jackson• First U.S. cross country trip in a car• Only 150 miles of paved road in U.S.• Maximum speed 25 MPH• No maps• No AAA
  8. 8. TODAY
  9. 9. The Transportation of People, Products and NowINFORMATION & MEDIA
  10. 10. Recent Events In Our World That May Create TechnologyEVENTS TECHNOLOGIESTerrorism Airport securityEnergy issues Hybrid automobilesAging population BotoxGlobal economy Portable computing
  11. 11. Technology andInformation as aProduct
  12. 12. TIME & SPACEMany technologies focus attention on our desire to conquer time and space... Virgin Galactic Saturn Moon Phoebe – nice picture from 2 billion miles
  13. 13. Isn’t that what e-mail does?
  14. 14. Working Smarter, Living Longer But…• We can now work 24/7• We can work at the office, home & on vacation.• Our children are spending a huge amount of time with technological entertainment (XBOX360) and communication devices (smart phones)How is technology changing our relationships? How is it impacting our society?
  16. 16. For the first time in history weare each becoming massmedia...We not only determine whatwe get feed by traditionalmedia - we also create the newmedia we consume!
  17. 17. The Internet Gives Voices ToMany Individuals and Groups
  18. 18. Any Person, Organization orCompany Can Cost Effectively – Create a Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter – Shoot, edit and distribute video – Publish and distribute e-books and mp3s – Have a network of friends around the world who share content
  19. 19. Number ofFacebook Pages 1BILLION
  20. 20. And
  21. 21. And Books On Demand1. Write2. Upload3. Publish4. Distribute through Amazon and other online outlets. Hardcopy and e-books. Time to Market: 4 weeks
  22. 22. Why It WorksOLD: Broad topics delivered to mass audiences only via major publishers or media outlets. Time to market 1 year.NEW: Niche topics can sell significant amount of books because the Internet facilitates “narrowcasting.” Time to market 1 month.
  23. 23. Niche Does SellAnd Can Help A Business Grow• Illustrated Dream Dictionary800,000 copies• The New Router Handbook2 million+ copies• Yoga for Wimps110,000 copies
  24. 24. WE are creating the newideas – the future of business and society.
  25. 25. And this is just the beginning…social networksviral marketingcloud computinggroupware project managementcontent for portable usersleadership and technology…Bill Eagerwww.beager.comLet’s co-create the future